Kylie Jenner Celebrated Halloween Early By Painting Herself Completely Green

And, you know, posing in a bathtub with a skeleton.

Kylie Jenner is fully dedicated to getting into the Halloween spirit this year. Need proof? Just days after posing in a plunging Batman-inspired catsuit on Instagram (fake abs and all), the Kylie Cosmetics founder slipped into yet another festive look — but this time, it involved less sexy clothing and more…green paint.

Hailey Bieber Instagram

Hailey Bieber Instagram

On Wednesday, Jenner’s close friend, Hailey Bieber, gave followers a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of an upcoming spooky edition of her interview Youtube series, Who’s in My Bathroom. In the snap, Kylie can be seen posing with a skeleton in a giant white tub against a wall covered in black bats while wearing an off-the-shoulder black dress paired with matching gloves and tights. Jenner continued to show her costume commitment by painting her entire face and upper body bright green. 

“Somehow we ended up here,” Hailey shared of the bathtub photo on her Instagram Story. 

Naturally, thousands of fans flooded to the picture’s comments to guess what exactly Kylie was dressed up as. While the suggestions ranged from Shrek to She-Hulk to Elphaba, resident momager Kris Jenner was only concerned about one thing: “OMG what’s happening over there???? 🦇,” she commented

Although we aren't certain what festive getup Hailey wore during the episode, she posted a roundup of photos hours prior posing in a red-striped cropped T-shirt, blue jeans, and an oversized witches hat. “SPOOKY SEASON COMMENCE. 🦇,” she captioned the dump.

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