Kylie Jenner Says Her Best Friends Are Her Kids' Friends

And she spilled on who her favorite sister is — for now.

Forget Spotify wrapped. Instead of sharing her top tunes, Kylie Jenner decided to share her top ... everything of 2022, including which sister is currently in the top spot in her sibling hierarchy. In a YouTube video she called "My 2022 Year in Review," Jenner explained that she's grown close to her big sis Khloé Kardashian because they both became moms at roughly the same time while adding that at the moment, Jenner's more likely to be at a playdate with her kiddos than she is at a red carpet event.

Kylie Jenner Baby2Baby 2022

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'We've gotten a lot closer this year. We're in this little mom club and it's a whole thing," Jenner said of her relationship with Khloé. But before any die-hard Kar-Jenner fans get up in arms, Jenner was quick to explain that she loves all her sisters.

"I don't know, maybe Kendall. Or — I really love them all," she said when thinking about a runner-up. Kim's been great. Kourtney. They're all my best friends. It's been a great year."

And she also said that she'd much rather spend time with her kids and their friends than with any of her own pals. When asked about her favorite new friend, she said, "I just hang out with my kids' friends all day and their friends. This little girl Winnie? She's been great."

The video continues with a rundown of all of Jenner's top picks, including her favorite vacation, her favorite beauty collab, her top shows, and, in a touching moment, she says that the best thing that happened all year was that the opportunity to see her two children, Stormi and Wolf, become "best friends."

She also touched on Stormi's love of TikTok (she can't get enough) and dropped another aww-inducing headline: Jenner said that welcoming Wolf was her favorite accomplishment of 2022.

"Having another healthy baby, giving birth once again," she reminisced. She also said that she loved seeing all the firsts she had with her children, not just Stormi's TikTok posts, but also just spending time with Wolf and seeing him thrive.

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