Kristin Chenoweth’s Go-To Lip Moisture Products Are in Stock — but They’re Selling Out Fast

Of course, she’s using an Ariana Grande product.

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Kristin Chenoweth Uses this Celebrity-Formulated Oil to "Put Moisture back in [her] Lips"

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I love discovering the products professionals rely on for their trade — like the Aesop cream a hand model uses, nurse-recommend sneakers, and the lip products behind broadway icon Kristin Chenoweth’s pout. According to a recent interview with The Strategist, the two specific products that make it into her lip care routine are the R.E.M. Essential Drip Lip Oil and Nivea Shimmer Lip Balm

Chenoweth has been helping Ariana Grande prepare for her role in the upcoming Wicked movie, and though she is effectively Grande’s mentor, the relationship is seemingly symbiotic as Chenoweth has walked away with a slew of R.E.M. Beauty products; her “favorite” being the Essential Drip Lip Oil. The actress described her lips as “dry” and said that the constantly sold-out lip oil “puts moisture back in [her] lips.” She also said it pairs well on top of lipstick thanks to its ultra-glossy finish.

R.e.m. beauty Essential Drip Lip Oil


Shop now: $16;

The R.E.M. Lip Oil comes in four sheer yet slightly tinted shades, but just two are currently available: mint condition and raspberry drip. I wouldn’t blame you if you found the former’s blue color frightening, but after watching several TikTok videos, I can tell you that this looks colorless on the lips. The tint actually has a specific benefit — the blue color supposedly makes teeth look whiter. 

NIVEA Shimmer Lip Care, Moisturizing Lip Balm Stick


Shop now: $9;

Chenoweth’s other go-to lip product is Nivea’s Pink Shimmer Lip Balm, which at $9 for a pack of four is more affordable but equally difficult to get your hands on. “There’s a Nivea Pink Shimmer Lip Balm in every purse I own,” she said. Between her reliance on them and the fact that “they’re always sold out,” Chenoweth says she buys them whenever she sees them. The blush-toned shimmer “makes a statement in a very small way.” 

Certain shades of the R.E.M. Essential Drip Lip Oil and Nivea Pink Shimmer are both currently in stock, but that probably won’t last for long. Head to Ulta to shop the former and Amazon for the latter

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