Kristen Stewart Wore a Vibrant Tweed Set With Nothing Underneath

Ushering in major spring energy with the help of Chanel.

If there are two things we know about Kristen Stewart, it’s that she loves a tweed set (see: fancy grandma dressing at Cannes), and she loves some Chanel (see: breaking fashion rules at the designer’s Cruise show). So, it only makes sense that her latest appearance would combine both of those loves into one stellar, quintessential KStew outfit. 

Kristen Stewart berlin film festival

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On Thursday, the actress ushered in major spring energy by arriving at this year’s Berlin International Film Festival wearing a bright, multi-colored tweed Chanel jacket paired with matching flared tweed pants. Subtly declaring that winter is over (Punxsutawney Phil be damned), Stewart skipped an undershirt when crafting her outfit to leave her bare midriff on full display. Minimal accessories of a simple gold necklace and white platform heels completed Kristen’s look, and she wore her mullet-style hair tousled in wet-looking curls.

Stewart’s classy look matched her title for the weekend, as she’s set to serve as the festival’s 2023 jury president, who gets to decide which films are recognized with awards. During a press conference ahead of the weekend’s kick-off, the actress got candid about what the experience means to her. “Full transparency, I’m kind of shaking,” she said. “I feel, not buckling under [the weight], but I can’t wait who we all ahead at the end of this experience. I’m just ready to be changed by all the films and by all the people around us.”

She continued, “I was shocked they called me. [But] it is an enormous opportunity to highlight beautiful things at time when that is hard to hold.

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