Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard's Kids Know Their "Daddy Is an Addict"

The world's most relatable parents.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have always been very upfront with their two daughters, Lincoln and Delta — in fact, they even made a commercial about their honesty-first parenting style. In a new interview, Bell says that she doesn't believe in the word "taboo," even when it comes to sharing things with her kids. They were even made aware of Shepard's decades-long battle with addiction.

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"I hate the word 'taboo.' I think it should be stricken from the dictionary," she told Real Simple for its Game Changers issue. "There should be no topic that's off the table for people to talk about. I know it's shocking, but I talk to my kids about drugs, and the fact that their daddy is an addict, and he's in recovery, and we talk about sex. There are all these 'hard topics' that don't have to be if you give the person on the other end your vulnerability and a little bit of credit."

Not only have their kids learned from Shepard's addiction issues, but Bell also told the outlet that it has taught her a lot about herself. "When I met my husband, he’d just recently started to be in recovery," she explained. "If he found a pill, he’d be gone for three days. He’d miss Christmas and do lots of things that are inarguably bad things. I was a goody-goody with a temper. He was vulnerable and communicative. That scrambled my brain, because I was like, 'I’m the one who does things right, OK? 'And he was like, 'But you don’t, because you’re scared to say what you really feel.' It was hard for me to say when something scared me. I realized that when I talked more about my fears, I gained more respect from not just my husband but everyone in my life."

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She added, "My husband keeps my mind and heart open and moving forward every single day, because he’s a challenger. We disagree about 99 percent of the things on earth, which is just fun and interesting."

Even more than honesty, the number one thing Bell and Shepard are teaching their children is forgiveness and apologizing, "because humans leave carnage wherever they go."

"I really respect when someone does something wrong or hurtful and they apologize. I’m like, 'Yeah, right on.' That’s important. If there’s one thing I want to teach my kids, it’s how to make amends — and that it’s for themselves, so they can like who’s in the mirror a little bit more."  

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