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Kris Jenner is not one for privacy. The matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner clan has had her life broadcast to millions of people worldwide since the show's inception in 2007, leaving little room for secrets. Despite this, it seems there were a few things about Jenner that the we didn't know about—until now. From a profile of the reality star and momager in the latest issue of The New York Times Magazine, we learned a few interesting facts about Jenner that we never knew before. Read on for our favorite insights into the mind of Kris:

1. She loves Costco.

"Costco is a passion," Jenner says in the piece. "Costco is like a massage." The article goes on to say that the raven-haired mom of six loves to go to the wholesale retailer herself in lieu of sending someone else because she enjoys picking out the freshest food for her family and checking out the seasonal specials.

2. Kris isn't her real name.

In fact, it's short for Kristen. Jenner was born Kristen Mary Houghton in 1955 in San Diego, Calif. Her parents divorced when she was young and she was raised by her mother, Mary Jo, who appears from time to time on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, as well as her grandparents.

3. She met Robert Kardashian when she was 17.

The then 28-year-old lawyer proposed to Jenner, but she didn't accept. Wanting to discover the world, the young Kristen Houghton became a flight attendant for American Airlines. She then accepted Kardashian's second marriage proposal, and the two tied the knot when she was 22.

4. The first gay wedding she attended was Lance Bass's.

And she said it was "fabulous." In fact, Bass, who was present at Jenner's home during the NYT interview, had only attended one gay wedding prior to his to now-husband Michael Turchin.

5. Keeping Up with the Kardashians was her idea.

Jenner pitched the show to Ryan Seacrest in 2007, and after sending a producer to shoot a reel at one of the Kardashian-Jenner family BBQs, Seacrest immediately knew that he had a hit show on his hands.

6. The cameras are always on.

Although the show typically films for 10 to 12 hours a day, on certain days there are cameras installed in the ceiling of Jenner's home's foyer. There are also a stack of nondisclosure agreements on the entry table for anyone who comes into the house to sign, as well as a small sign on the floor that reads, "What we say here, what we see here, let it stay here, when we leave here."