I Was a Skin Tint-Devotee Until I Tried the New Blurring Primer From a Brand Hailey Bieber Uses

Shoppers even say it helps them “skip foundation.”

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Kosas DreamBeam Product Review


I have a love/hate relationship with SPF products. While I'm a proponent of year-round UV protection, my sensitive skin often reacts poorly to sunscreen. It's hard to find one that offers the perfect balance of hydration with a finish that's neither too oily nor too chalky. And just when I thought I would never find an SPF that enhances my complexion, I tried Kosas' new DreamBeam Comfy Smooth Sunscreen — and it’s a game-changer. 

Kosas is no stranger to multitasking products; the Hailey Bieber-used brand is stacked with skin-improving ingredients ranging from caffeine-infused concealers to conditioning brow gels. And the newest launch is the epitome of a multitasker. Part mineral sunscreen, part moisturizer, and part primer, the DreamBeam Comfy Smooth Sunscreen protects and hydrates the skin all while creating the ultimate canvas for makeup application — and the results aren’t just surface level. It’s formulated with skin-enhancing ingredients like hyaluronic acid for hydration, allantoin, which soothes and exfoliates, ceramides to strengthen the skin barrier, and collagen-boosting peptides to improve firmness and plumpness. If you are looking to add a natural luminosity to your face without compromising on ingredients, this new skincare-meets-makeup launch is a must-have. 

DreamBeam SPF 40 PA


Shop now: $40; kosas.com

Thanks to its lightweight formulation and blurring properties, the DreamBeam Comfy Smooth Sunscreen  even looks flawless enough to be worn on its own. Shoppers say they can “skip foundation” while wearing it — and I agree.

I was once a skin tint devotee, but I now find myself reaching for this three-in-one sunscreen that leaves me with a subtle sheen and smoothes over my skin’s imperfections. The creaminess of the product feels like a luxe moisturizer, which I prefer for layering instead of a tacky primer with minimal (if any) skincare benefits. Those with super dry skin can opt to use a moisturizer beforehand, but the DreamBeam SPF is also hydrating enough to be worn in lieu of one. Using the sunscreen before applying my makeup left me with a satin-like finish, something that's typically difficult for my acne-prone and dry skin to achieve. 

Kosas DreamBeam Jasmine Hyman

InStyle / Jasmine Hyman

For ultimate UV protection, the formula is specifically designed with 21.7 percent zinc oxide. While mineral sunscreens have a reputation for leaving the skin with a chalky white cast, the silky consistency coupled with a zinc-neutralizing peach hue creates a radiant finish. And as someone with fair skin who also frequents retinol in my nightly routine, the SPF 40 has kept my sensitive skin sunburn-free as warmer weather commences. 

Whether you're looking for a new SPF for the warmer months or a hydrating base for your glam, Kosas DreamBeam is the ultimate multitasker to pare down your daily regimen. Shop the skincare hybrid before it sells out for $40 at kosas.com

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