My Skin Completely Transformed After Using This Body-Conditioning Duo That Applies Like Butter

My body care routine was seriously elevated.

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These Two Restoring Body Treatments Single Handedly Transformed My Skin

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Growing up, there wasn’t a single night my mom didn’t apply body moisturizer; it was without fail a part of her nighttime routine. I, on the flip side, didn’t understand the importance of giving your skin the hydration it needs until a harsh reality check during my first New York winter when my skin became dry, flaky, and itchy. I needed a good moisturizer stat — one that didn’t feel goopy on the skin. Fortunately, I came across Kopari’s Double-Duty Hydration Duo, a two-for-one bundle featuring full sizes of the brand’s famous 100 Percent Organic Coconut Melt and Ultra Restore Body Butter

I first heard about Kopari thanks to Kourtney Kardashian, who shared her go-to products for looking good naked in a Poosh article; Kopari’s Coconut Melt made the cut. Truly comprised of pure coconut oil (just check the ingredients if you don’t believe me), its unfiltered state makes for the ultimate body-hydrator thanks to vitamins and proteins that seep deep into the skin to provide an irresistible glow. The brand even suggests using the melt as a shave oil, makeup remover, and hair mask. 



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I love using the Kopari 100 Percent Organic Coconut Melt all over my body, especially when fresh out of a bath. I also add extra dollops onto the rough and bumpy areas, such as my elbows, knees, and eczema-prone arms. Instantly, my skin looks revived and feels incredibly soft. 

What really ties my body care routine together is the brand’s Ultra Restore Body Butter (included in the Double-Duty Hydration Duo). You can use this product alone, as it offers a lightweight, fluffy texture that instantly moisturizes your skin, but I like to layer it on top of the Coconut Melt. Because the body butter is packed with hyaluronic acid, which retains the skin’s moisture, the lotion heals cracked areas such as my knuckles and feet. Best of all, the deliciously buttery lotion comes in three scents: signature coconut, guava, and Tahitian vanilla (currently out of stock).  



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I thought there was no return for my very neglected skin, but Kopari proved otherwise — and I just let you in on my little secret. It’s all in the layering, and Kopari’s Double-Duty Hydration Duo allows you to do just that. When you opt for the set, you end up saving $13 for the combined products (and that’s on top of saving your skin!). But even if you don’t go for the duo, make sure to snag at least one of the body-saving products; you won’t regret transforming your skin for the better.  



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