This Heatless Styling Tool Gives My Hair Salon-Level Curls That Rival the Results of My Dyson Airwrap

And it’s only $16.

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Kitsch Heatless Curls Review

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A few months ago, I began a journey to improve my hair health, which included making some major changes to my haircare routine. I started incorporating hair serums coupled with a scalp massager, swapped my blonde balayage for my natural brunette color, and most notably, restricted the amount of heat I put on my hair. 

I was previously guilty of using heat tools three to four times a week, and while I loved the fresh blowout look they provided, the overuse was noticeably reflected in my dead ends and breakage. 

Enter: Kitsch’s Satin Heatless Curl Set, a tool that has reigned supreme throughout my haircare transformation. An Amazon best-seller in the hair rollers category, the set comes with two satin scrunchies and a matching rod, around which you wrap and secure your hair before bed. By morning, you’ll awake to voluminous salon-esque curls, saving time, money, and your hair from heat-related damage. The silky material prevents breakage and frizz: two damaging results of using hot tools. The headband is also crafted with a cushion-like filling, making it comfortable and easy to wear to bed.

Satin Heatless Curling Set


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The heatless curl trend has metabolized over the past few years via TikTok, providing an amazing alternative to hair-damaging curling irons and blow dryers. I even receive more compliments and questions about my hair when using this set than when I use my Dyson Airwrap. Plus, it’s a fraction of the price at just $16. 

I primarily use the headband overnight and it takes less than five minutes to weave my hair through before bed. The process saves upwards of 20 minutes in the morning, otherwise spent styling my hair (though more often than not, I ultimately end up slicking it back into a ponytail). 

Satin Heatless Curling Set Before, During, After

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To create the curls, I simply clip the headband to the top of my head and wrap my hair around the rod, circling away from my face. I begin with a small front piece and continuously add more strands to roll around the band as I go. Once all my hair is twisted around the rod, I hold it in place with the scrunchie counterparts. 

I sleep with the tool overnight so the curls have ample time to form. In the morning, I simply untie the scrunchies, pull the rod out, and lightly brush through my hair. The result: ultimate volume and waves that mimic a fresh blowout. 

Shop the heatless curl set that prevents breakage and leaves my hair with salon-level results for $16 at Kitsch, Amazon, and Ulta.

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