I Get Salon-Quality Nails at Home in Under 15 Minutes With These $6 Press-Ons From Amazon

I've been wearing them for years.

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I Keep a Stash of These Classic $6 Press-On Nails for Professional-Looking Nails in TK Minutes
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Unpopular opinion: Sitting at the nail salon for hours has never been relaxing to me. I wish I could drop my hands off at the salon and pick them up later. Even a simple one-color gel manicure can take up to two hours and cost more than $50. I love a good nail trend as much as the next girl, but I don’t want to break the bank or wait in the salon for hours to keep up appearances. After much trial with various forms of DIY nail art, I now keep my vanity stocked with Kiss’s Bare But Better Trunude Press-On Nails to get salon-quality nails at home. 

The long, nude pink, coffin-shaped press-ons are ready to go straight out of the kit. They come in a pack of 28 chip-proof nails, offered in a variety of nail bed sizes. Everything you need for quick and easy application is included; the press-ons come with a cuticle pusher, nail file, and glue, so you can get the complete salon experience all for $6. 

KISS Bare But Better TruNude Fake Nails Nude Nail Shades


Shop now: $6 with coupon; amazon.com

These have been my go-to press-ons for a few years now. Whenever I wear them, people ask what salon I went to, not realizing they’re press-ons. The color and shape mimic that of acrylics I have paid over $70 for and, with careful application, can pass as the same set for $6. They take me about 15 minutes to apply, though most of that time is spent finding the right nail to fit each finger; the glue-down process takes only 5 minutes. This TikToker @angybvby opted to reshape her press-ons, which is a great option to further customize, but they also look great straight out of the pack (how I prefer to wear them). When I use the nail file to buff my nails before applying the nails and the glue, they last me over a week — and as someone who’s prone to accidents, I find that these nails are durable and don’t pop off easily.

On several occasions, these press-on nails have been my saving grace, and Amazon shoppers are saying the same. One five-star star shopper said that “they are thick…not flimsy like other press-on nails.” Another shopper who wore the set for two weeks stated, “These are the most natural-looking nails I’ve tried… it sits nicer on the cuticle [than other pres-ons] and is less likely to lift,” crediting its thinner bottom half. ”These nails fit well,” shared a similar five-star reviewer who claimed the color stayed “beautiful” during the one week they wore them.

A typical acrylic set will cost you upwards of $50 at the salon, but these Kiss Bare But Better Trunude Press-On Nails will give you the same results for just $6 on Amazon with an on-site coupon.

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