This Hydrating Cleanser Feels Like a Car Wash for My Skin

So fresh, so clean.

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This Hydrating Cleanser Feels Like a Car Wash for My Skin

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I’ve used countless cleansers over the years, and to be honest, few have stuck in my mind. From ultra-luxe washcloth rituals to gimmicky whipped foams, I used to feel like it wasn’t the place to invest — until I tried a cleanser that left mascara smudged across my face like a Mad Max: Fury Road extra. I replaced the dud with Kiramoon’s Silkie Rinse face wash, and ever since, my bedtime routine has been on easy street. 

I’d never tried anything from the brand before, which markets itself on creating the “cutest, happiest, most effective skincare products on the planet.” That’s a tall order in a world where TonyMoly exists, but the cleanser is indeed very cute: It comes in a pale pink squeeze bottle with strong Hello Kitty energy, yet what’s truly impressive is the formula. 

Said blend includes aloe, gentle surfactants, glycerin, ceramides, panthenol, squalane, and rose water, and I don’t think I’ve ever used something that so quickly washes away hardy mascara and long-lasting eyeshadow. Yet at the same time, it’s super moisturizing — and after rubbing it in close proximity to my eyeballs for weeks, I can attest that it doesn’t irritate my finicky eyes a bit. 



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For full disclosure, I follow the cleanser with moisturizer (I’m living that dry lizard skin life), but according to fellow reviewers, it alone is enough to leave their faces hydrated. At Kiramoon’s website, people wrote that their skin feels the polar opposite of stripped: The “soothing” liquid “spoils” their skin with moisture and smells like a spa as it works. Even a reviewer with the “meanest, angriest, flakiest” skin dubbed it the only face wash that doesn’t leave their skin dried out. 

As a last fan said, they consider the formula “perfection in a bottle” and the “best cleanser on the market,” especially for sensitive skin. I’m inclined to agree — even on nights when I’m almost too exhausted to wash my face, the thought of squirting that pink bottle gets me on my feet. If you’d like to try Kiramoon’s Silkie Rinse, get it for $28.

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