King Charles Reportedly Wished Archie a Happy Birthday During His Coronation Weekend

In private, but still.

All eyes were on King Charles III (OK, and Kate Middleton and her fashion) this weekend as he celebrated his coronation and gave major main character energy. But the king (reportedly) took a moment to give his grandson Archie a special birthday shoutout during an intimate event on Saturday, which also happened to fall on the young prince's 4th birthday.

King Charles III Coronation

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According to ET, Charles acknowledged Archie's birthday with a sweet toast during a private family lunch. Per the Daily Mail, Charles raised his glass and wished Archie a happy birthday “wherever he was.”

“It was apparently a very sweet moment,” a source told the Daily Mail.

The king's coronation and Archie's birthday fell on conflicting dates, which was part of why Meghan Markle skipped the festivities altogether with Prince Harry dipping out early in order to make it back to California in time to celebrate his son's special day. A source told Entertainment Tonight that the Duke of Sussex “left as soon as the service [Charles' Westminster Abbey coronation service] was over.”

Prince Harry King Charles III Coronation

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Although Harry and his older brother Prince William actively avoided each other during the weekend's affairs due to the release of Harry's memoir Spare and the bros' ongoing tension, royal expert Omid Scobie explained that Harry and his father were cool — and have been in since the release of the controversial headline-making book.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and son Archie South Africa 2019

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“Obviously, this is the first time he sees his family face-to-face since the release of Spare [Harry's memoir]but I don’t think people know that there has been somewhat regular [...] conversation between him and his father since the release of that book,” Scobie said on ITV’s This Morning last week. "Now, have they discussed the details and the points that he wanted to go into? From what I hear, no. But he has had contact with his dad and, of course, there have been some negative moments with the loss of Frogmore Cottage. They lose the keys to that any week now at this point, and of course he would’ve spoken to his father about that, but also discussed his attendance at the coronation with his dad and made it clear that he wanted to be part of it, and I think that was really well received as well. So it’s interesting to now compare that to where William and Harry are, which is still in the exact same place that we last saw them. There has been minimal contact since the queen’s funeral.”

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