Kim Kardashian Is "Open To Dating Again"

The SKIMS founder is reportedly looking for prospects.

Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian returning to the dating scene since calling it quits with Pete Davidson back in August 2022. Now that there's some distance from that breakup, the reality star turned mogul is ready for love in hopes she could one day marry again, sources told Entertainment Tonight

"Kim is more open to dating again and putting herself out there," a source told the publication. "She is feeling good and confident and is in a great place.”

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However, in the wake of her very public breakup with Davidson, she felt overwhelmed by guys making a pass at her. While she was on The Late Late Show With James Corden, she said that she would be open to dating a "scientist, neuroscientist, biochemist, doctor, [or] attorney.” A week later, she backtracked, telling Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest that, at the moment, she sees herself dating "absolutely no one."

During that appearance on Live With Kelly and Ryan, Kardashian shared that she realized she needed time for herself after all the attention from men in the science and medical fields looking to link up with her.

"I’m not looking for anything,” she added. “I think I really just need to be by myself and focus and finish school and [focus on] my kids.”

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After some much-needed me time and finding happiness in herself, she is ready to make a love connection again. Back in December 2022, the SKIMS founder sat down and chatted with Gwyneth Paltrow on The goop Podcast, where she shared that despite her three previous marriages, she believes there is still a happily ever after in store for her. 

“I am. I am [such a romantic]. I have this fantasy in my head, like fourth's time's a charm, it's gonna — it's gonna work out,” she told Paltrow.

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