She has quite the beauty routine.

You Won’t Believe Everything Kim Kardashian Does Before She Leaves the House
Credit: Fred Duval/Getty Images

While most of us are trying to hack our way towards shaving minutes off of our daily beauty routines in favor of a little extra sleep, Kim Kardashian appears dedicated to making her glam rituals last as long as possible.

The reality star wanted to let fans in on what it’s like to become the Kim Kardashian we see every day captured by paparazzi, and let me tell you, it ain’t an easy process. In a sneak peek of a full-length video documenting her daily hair and makeup process. Kardashian admits it takes two hours to get her hair and makeup done. Yes, you heard that correctly, two hours!

You know, that's probably longer than most of your favorite rom-coms.

And that’s at the hands of the beauty industry’s top professionals, like makeup artist Ariel Tejada and hairstylist Justine Marjan who are featured in the clip.

The brief peek is pretty mesmerizing to watch, with the trio working like a well-oiled machine to present Kardashian’s signature look each and every day. Kardashian has the routine so down pat that she can multitask with texts, emails, calls, and, of course, social media research while her beauty gurus do their thing. Color us impressed.

So the next time you look at Kardashian and wonder why you can’ get your eye makeup as precise or your blowout as sleek, know that not only does she not wake up like that, but it also takes a lot of time and patience, plus a team, to get the job done.