Khloé Kardashian Styled Her Bangs With a Sparkly Prada Minidress

An obvious combination, duh.

The holidays may be over, but Khloé Kardashian is teaching us a lesson in wearing glitter the chill way with her most recent photo shoot. The reality star demonstrated how to sport sparkles all year round in a head-to-toe Prada look with Sorbet Magazine.

Khloé Kardashian 2022 Met Gala Gold Moschino Dress

Getty Images

Earlier this week, the publication shared the cover to its Instagram feed with a close-up shot of Kardashian wearing a Prada tank top and gold chunky necklace with her dirty-blonde hair styled in tousled waves and perfect (clip-in) fringe. For glam, the denim guru paired neutral tones with a metallic graphic eye look.

In another glamour shot, Kardashian lounged on a chair and ottoman set while wearing a gold shimmery Prada minidress layered over a white top with the designer's signature triangle decal, which she paired with matching pointy-toe pumps and an anklet with an oversized, triangular pendant. Other looks included a sheer black dress with a crisp white collar, an ab-baring crop top and chainmail miniskirt, and a white fuzzy faux fur jacket.

Kardashian shared a few snaps in the metal micro-mini (which she accessorized with a coordinating wrap bracelet). "This is my favorite shot," she wrote alongside the gallery of photos. "Fun fact: I wore clip on bangs for this shoot. It was fun to give a different look and not be committed. I am surprised with how much I liked the bangs even though they changed the shape of my face, I still liked them. Would you ever get bangs?"

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