The Tubing Mascara We Named the Best of 2023 Keeps My Eyelids Smudge-Free — Even in Hot, Sweaty Weather

Oily lids, this is for you.

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Kevyn Aucoin Mascara

Nordstrom / InStyle

At some point over the past few years, I became an oily eyelid person. I’d heard friends lament about their own slick lids, which, they’d said, made for a smeared mess anytime they wore mascara. Since I began experiencing the issue myself, I’ve settled on two solutions to my panda-eye problem. One: faux lashes — which, for some, I realize sounds painstaking. Two: Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara, which imparts a falsie effect in a few swipes — and, importantly, is totally smudge-proof, even in the sweaty summer months. 



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Many tubing mascaras exist; Kevyn Aucoin’s, however, reigns supreme — this according to yours truly, friends I’ve recommended it to, and InStyle testers, who crowned Kevyn Aucoin’s the “best overall” tubing mascara after assessing dozens of formulas. “It amplifies the lashes with a rich black coat, moisturizes each lash, and is smudge-resistant, all with an effortless application,” our testers concluded. I completely agree, and have found the formula is truly unparalleled for smudge-proof wear and satisfying volume. 

Magical as it seems, the product — which is categorically considered a tubing mascara — owes its steadfast, smudge-proof wear to straightforward science. Specifically, polymers, Makeup Artist Elisa Flowers previously shared with InStyle, which build on each other and enrobe each lash in a tube-like casing (hence the name). This “tubing technology,” as the brand calls it, conjures thickness and length where it otherwise doesn’t exist. InStyle testers concluded “It volumizes, lengthens, and conditions,” and dubbed the formula a “triple threat.” 

The brush head is surprisingly svelte, especially compared to the bushy-tipped applicators of most volumizing mascaras. Nevertheless, it packs the perfect amount of rich, thickening pigment and requires one or two swipes to amplify lashes. The thin brush head allows for ultimate precision, per the brand. For this reason, the formula is ideal for anyone who craves lash separation. In fact, I’d say it fulfills most mascara formula predilections. My sister, who prefers willowy length over anything, says Kevyn Aucoin’s mascara lengthens her lashes to brow-grazing heights. Personally, I prioritize volume and inky black pigment, and can assure you: the Volumizing Mascara is beyond worthy of its name. Best of all, it allows for worry-free wear. Removal is fittingly breezy: Simply swipe off with warm water — no makeup remover required — and watch the rubbery little “tubes” sail down your sink. TBH, it’s strangely satisfying.

If your mascara is leaving you unintentionally panda-eyed, shop InStyle’s choice for the best tubing mascara of all, Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara, for $31.

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