Keke Palmer Says Celebrities Only “Snap Back” Postpartum Because “It’s Part of the Damn Gig”

"If we want the checks to get signed, we got to be what we got to be."

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Whether she’s clapping back at internet trolls or getting candid about the challenges of pregnancy, Keke Palmer has always been one to keep it real. So, it’s only natural that the actress would continue her brand of authenticity when opening up to People about her postpartum body just two months after welcoming her first child, Leo, back in February. One of the biggest takeaways from her chat? Celebrity pregnancies are the exception, not the rule.

During an interview for the publication’s Beautiful Issue, Palmer talked about her own postpartum journey and how new moms should focus on their personal relationship with their body and health rather than get “caught up in the hype of it all.”

“Anytime you see a celebrity doing a snap back or whatever like that, it's part of the damn gig," she said. "A part of our jobs is to look good and to look the part. So don't think it's this thing where it's like, 'We doing it because we got it like that.' No, the job is on the line. If we want the checks to get signed, we got to be what we got to be.”

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Keke then talked about her first-hand experience navigating life postpartum, and how she’s now gotten to a point where she feels both healthy and happy.

“I've gone on my own personal journey with how I feel about my physical appearance. And I think the main thing I've learned through my experience is to do what makes me feel happy," Palmer said. "If I feel like I need to hold it back and I need to do a little bit more work, or [if] I want to feel better about myself, I just do it.”

She continued, “Other times I'm like, 'Yo, pull up in the drive-through. I want the number five, large.' You know what I mean? I do what I feel when I need to, because sometimes taking it easy, that is what you need.”

Palmer was also sure to sprinkle in some words of wisdom for any new moms who may not know where to start: “There's always this thing of, 'How'd they do it?' And I think for me, the main thing I would say to any new mom is do what you can when you can, whatever it is that makes you feel good,” the actress said. “If it's important to you, then hell yeah put in the work miss girl. Get you whatever diet you want to do or whatever workout regimen that works for you. And if that's not what you're worried about, then don't worry about it.”

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