Katy Perry Says She Gets Mistaken for Katy Perry

And mentions a very exclusive club she's a proud member of.

If balancing motherhood, a Las Vegas residency, and judges' table duties on American Idol seems like a lot, Katy Perry explained how she manages to have enough hours in the day with a new interview for The Cut's How I Get It Done column. And while it's great to learn that she has a couples' therapist and how she manages to be around people with conflicting political views (spoiler: it's hard), the most eyebrow-raising fun fact she shared is that sometimes, she gets mistaken for ... Katy Perry.

When asked about whether or not she gets recognized when she's with her daughter, Daisy Dove, Perry says that it happens, only people have told her that she looks like Katy Perry. Maybe that's because of the fact that it's pretty unbelievable to even think that Katy Perry, of shark-filled Super Bowl halftime shows and Technicolor music videos, walks among us mere mortals.

"We do a lot of mommy-and-me classes. This morning, I was with her at a ballet class, and this woman goes, 'Oh my god, you look so much like Katy Perry.' And I was like, 'Hi, nice to meet you. I care about my kid and take her to classes,'" Perry said. "I’ve become a member at all the museums — we go to the zoo, the Natural History Museum, the kids’ museum. That’s my new club.

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And about those charged family talks about politics, Perry says that listening is key. Then, she explains, you can do what you feel is right.

"I still try to have healthy discourse, because if I can hear them, then maybe they can hear me. I just think that your family relationships are the core — the root of everything emotionally and developmentally for the rest of your life," she noted. "And healing them is where you heal yourself."

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