Katy Perry's Job Recently Scored Her Some Cool-Mom Points With Her Daughter Daisy

Not your average mom.

Katy Perry 'Variety''s Power of Women Presented 2021

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Katy Perry's recent work trip makes her a certified cool mom to daughter Daisy Dove, whom she shares with fiancé Orlando Bloom. Perry brought the toddler along with her to film American Idol's Hawaii Week (which airs this Sunday), and Daisy got a kick out of staying at the Aulani Disney Resort.

"She went to breakfast and met Minnie and Mickey and she's not scared at all," Perry told Entertainment Tonight. "She ran up to Mickey. She sang with Moana, I sang with Moana, it was amazing."

According to Perry, Daisy has already had many interactions with her favorite Disney characters. She's been to Disneyland Tokyo and even celebrated Christmas with the big man Mickey Mouse himself last year. "You know, I think it's subliminal," Perry joked. "I accidentally named my daughter after Daisy Duck."

Perry's fiancé Bloom also recently opened up about their daughter in an interview with People. The actor gushed about their daughter, saying she is growing up fast. "She's beautiful, she's growing fast, big, strong and healthy," he said. "And you can't be more blessed than that."

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During the show's stint in Hawaii, the three judges (Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie) are joined by Noah Cyrus and singer Allen Stone as mentors for the remaining contestants. After attempting to narrow down the competition to 24, Perry shares that the trio fought to have a top 26 instead.

"More new talent is born every day and it's 26 because we literally could not pare it down," she said. "We added two more because we were like, asking all the producers, 'Is this OK? Is this like, can we really do this? I know you guys have done this for 21 seasons, but we have really good talent. We can't send these people home.'"

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