Kathryn Newton's Sweet-and-Sexy Miu Miu Outfit Cemented Her Status as a Fashion Girl

Her latest hits include Rodarte, Valentino, and Prada.

It's official: after racking up looks from Prada, Rodarte, and Valentino, Kathryn Newton wore the quintessential outfit of cool fashion girls everywhere: head-to-toe Miu Miu. Between premieres for her latest Marvel film, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, she stopped at a screening of Miu Miu Women's Tales #25 at The Curzon Mayfair in London wearing a full look from the Italian brand that Bella Hadid wore on the runway for the brand's Spring 2023 presentation.

Newton's outfit included a bra top with a plastic buckle detail with a white underpinning and low-rise pants that showed off a peek of Miu Miu underwear, label and all. The combo of tan under garments and a black skirt offered up athleisure-meets-officewear vibes, for sure, and so did her addition of a stretchy headband. She added flip-flop style shoes to the look, as well as a ruched Miu Miu top handle bag.  

Kathryn Newton Miu Miu

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Newton recently explained how landing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a dream come true. 

“I saw Iron Man when I was I was 8 or 9 with my dad,” Newton told Us Weekly. “We went to the theater, and I remember seeing that movie and being so inspired … I wanted to be the biggest Marvel superhero of all time. It was always my dream. And I think it’s ironic because Cassie Lang literally grows 40 feet tall and shrinks to the size of an ant. So, she might just be the biggest one in the MCU. That tells you, you can dream big — but you better be specific.”

She also spoke about how amazing it was to work with co-star Paul Rudd, saying that he offered up a lot of advice to her (though probably not about her fashion picks, which come from her stylist Molly Dickson).

“I always ask for advice. It depends on the person. Paul was very open,” she added. “The best advice I got from him [was when] I was thinking about a couple projects I had [been] offered, and I was not sure what to do ’cause I like everything. I’ll say yes to anything. And he gave me good advice.”

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