And she’s on a cross-country tour to celebrate strong women.

Katherine Schwarzenegger Gets Real About Inner Beauty
Credit: Azusa Takano

Katherine Schwarzenegger may be on the best road trip ever. The author and blogger is currently in the midst of TJ Maxx’s 16-city Road to Real Tour during, in which she interviews women at each destination about their lives, journeys, and challenges…and she does it all in-store, amid the designer brands the retailer is known for acquiring.

“I feel like every woman is more inspiring than the next,” she told MIMI while on the tour’s Los Angeles stop. “What I’ve also realized is that even though I have a very short time with these women, I talk to them for about 15 or 20 minutes, they’re able to just open up. I grew up knowing women are strong. My mom is a very, very strong woman. My grandmother is a very strong woman. So I grew up knowing that but I think for me to experience it first hand and really hear these women’s stories and journeys and to see how strong they are is so inspirational.”

Schwarzenegger says she grew up watching her mom, Maria Shriver, effortlessly talk to people anywhere about just about anything, drawing inspiration from their lives and stories, which makes this gig with TJ Maxx a natural fit for her. But it was also Shriver’s dedication to instilling in her daughters an appreciation of natural beauty that helped mold Schwarzenegger into the confident woman she is today.

“My mom was always like, makeup is great and it’s fun and you can do whatever you want with it, but also know and be confident in your own natural beauty because that’s the most important thing,” she recalls. “Beauty starts from within. You can look like the most beautiful person in the world, but if you’re an ugly person inside that will show. Really focusing on who you are and doing a lot of self-work. One of the things I’ve really loved learning from my mom is the relationship you have with yourself being the most important and always checking in with yourself, paying attention to yourself, and always work to better who you are.”

Working on one’s self is not as easy as it sounds when you’re traveling as much as Schwarzenegger for work, but she makes sure to recharge to the fullest during those fleeting moments when she finds herself at home in LA.

“For me being around my friends and family and going on walks with my dog are what make me happiest and the way I recharge, I love to just go to my mom’s house, have family dinner, be in my apartment, be around friends,” she says. “I try to focus on making sure I’m mentally, emotionally, and physically in a good place because I also want to do my best in my job and in my relationships—that’s so important.”