Kate Middleton Wore a Very Special Pearl Necklace for Queen Elizabeth's Funeral

The choker was worn by both Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana.

Kate Middleton is known for paying homage to those who came before her by wearing heirloom jewelry passed down to her. So, it wasn't entirely surprising that the newly appointed Princess of Wales arrived at Queen Elizabeth II's funeral in meaningful jewels — including a choker made from the queen's favorite: pearls.

On Monday, Middleton joined the funeral procession for the queen wearing a sophisticated black coat dress and a matching fascinator, tights, and pumps. But the most notable part of her outfit was the jewelry, which included of the queen's Bahrain pearl drop earrings and an opulent, four-strand pearl choker with a center diamond pendant.

Kate Middleton Pearl Necklace Queen Elizabeth's Funeral

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Middleton wore the sentimental piece before to the queen and Prince Philip's diamond wedding anniversary in 2017 and again at Duke of Edinburgh's funeral in 2021. Queen Elizabeth commissioned Garrard to make the piece using pearls gifted to her by the Japanese government in the 1970s. The necklace was actually loaned to Middleton's late mother-in-law Princess Diana in 1982 at a banquet for Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands at Hampton Court Palace. Her majesty also famously wore it to a royal engagement in Bangladesh in 1983.

Pearls have always been beloved by the queen, but jewelry designer Melanie Georgacopoulos told Vogue the jewel also symbolizes “a departure that is the end of one thing but the beginning of something else," as well as tradition and respect, according to jewelry historian Vivienne Becker.

Middleton has many ties to her mother-in-law — for starters, she's the first after Diana's 1997 death to take the title of Princess of Wales. Her engagement ring also previously belonged to Diana.

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