Kate Middleton’s Pancake Disaster Was So Relatable

She’s just like us.

Kate Middleton Flipping Pancakes

Hannah McKay - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Fun fact: Shrove Tuesday (aka Pancake Day) is a flipping big deal in the U.K. So much so that the Princess of Wales celebrated the day with a royal engagement at the Oxford House Nursing Home flipping pancakes.

After her glamorous appearance with Prince William at the BAFTAs this past weekend, Kate rolled up her sleeves, got messy with pancake batter, and attempted to make a pancake of her own. And speaking of British pancakes, they are more like a thick French crêpe than an American breakfast pancake. 

Speaking to one of the residents, she shared, “The children are looking forward to making their own pancakes this evening after school. So, I can have a lesson about how do it. My pancakes always stick to the pan or end up on the ceiling on or on the floor. The first one is always the hardest to do.”

Safe to say the impromptu cooking session did not go as planned. Attempting to flip a pancake, she epically failed in the process, calling it a "congealed blob” and joking that she was demonstrating “how to not do it,” per Daily Mail. 

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton.

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Rebecca English, a royal reporter, caught every second of the kitchen disaster on video as the princess became increasingly flustered.

Tweeting about it, English said, "I’m not sure the pan was hot enough, and there was a LOT of pressure cooking in front of all of us!" And if we’re being fair, it happens to the best of us.

As the pressure appeared to get to the princess, Kate jokingly said, “I wish there as some music playing or something!”

She added, “Maybe my children won’t want me to make pancakes with them when they come home from school now.”

On the bright side, the princess managed to flip the pancake successfully after all her disastrous attempts.

Kate's pancake-flipping outing comes just days after the royal couple debuted their new titles (Prince and Princess of Wales) on the BAFTAs red carpet. The princess used the high-profile outing to promote sustainability, revamping a white, one-shoulder Alexander McQueen gown (that she originally wore to the same ceremony in 2019) with a pair of black opera gloves. Prince William expertly coordinated with his wife, sporting a black velvet suit jacket layered over a white button-up and finished with a black bow tie.

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