Kate Middleton Said She's "Still Learning" About Royal Life

For one, she's still super nervous when it comes to public speaking.

Catherine, Princess of Wales

KIN CHEUNG/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Kate Middleton and the other senior royals are working hard during Mental Health Awareness Week and during her latest appearance, which was at the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust. During a chat with People, an attendee shared that the Princess of Wales revealed that even though she's been an official royal since she married Prince William back in 2011, she's still learning. Holmes, who is a record-setting track Olympian and founder of the center, hosted Kate so that she could see how the organization worked to match children with sports mentors. During her visit, Kate revealed that she's not only still learning all the ins and outs of being a royal, but she's also still getting used to things that we see her do all the time.

"She said she 'had to learn and she's still learning every day,'" Holmes told People before explaining that one major part of Kate's daily duties, public speaking, still offers up its challenges. "Doing public speaking isn't a natural thing for lots of people, and she said she's still working that out, how to project. She humanized everything to show not everyone's perfect. It doesn't matter what you've got or perceived to have as an individual, you're still going to have those insecurities and need those learning tools that happen over life."

Catherine, Princess of Wales

KIN CHEUNG/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Kate also spoke about her children and Holmes noted that she explained that each of her kids is different and that she's learning how to parent with such distinct personalities in the young princess and princes.

"I asked her, 'You've got three children — do you see different traits in them?' And she said, 'Oh yes!' She said that's the thing — learning how to handle the different traits and different needs and abilities even with three young children," Holmes shared.

Tuesday also saw Kate visiting with health advocate Zara McDermott, who works with the Duchess of Cambridge's Shaping Us campaign. McDermott shared a glimpse of what it's like working with Kate and, naturally, she had nothing but great things to say about her dedication.

"She's one of those people who just loves to get stuck in," McDermott said. "She's so personable and a real inspiration. She's a really strong, driven woman who really wants to make a difference … When you're in a room with her, it feels like she's one of everyone. She's really amazing at just slotting right in so beautifully to any setting that she's in. I've noticed that, and I'm kind of awe in that about her."

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