Kate Middleton Could Wear Something Unexpectedly Modern at the Coronation

Royal fashion rules be damned.

Kate Middleton

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The royal family typically has a strict set of style and beauty rules that members of the firm should adhere to (for instance, colorful nail polish is usually frowned upon), but a royal fashion expert seems to think that Kate Middleton's coronation look will be less traditional and more "modernized."

“All eyes will be focused on the Princess of Wales, who will inevitably attract attention with her classic, yet personal style approach,” British Fashion Council member Josh Birch Jones told Page Six. “Kate’s new title holds much responsibility, meaning that her participation during the coronation will be heavily watched, so a statement look is called for.”

Birch Jones predicts that the Princess of Wales will opt for a dress from Catherine Walker (one of Kate Middleton and Princess Diana's favorites) and accessorize with lots of royal jewels as opposed to her usual inexpensive finds.

“Jewelry will also play a prominent role for the coronation, therefore I predict we may see Kate turn to the royal jewelry collection for this event," Birch Jones said before adding that we'll see the princess “possibly wearing pieces in honor of the late Princess Diana or Queen Elizabeth, despite often opting for more casual jewelry options from brands such as Zara.”

Kate Middleton Red Tweed Blazer

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In another unexpected turn of events, Birch Jones also said Queen Camilla will likely take a more casual approach to her fashion for her husband King Charles's big weekend.

“Due to the announced modernization of the event, we will see a potentially a more pared-back version of past coronation robes, again that will include symbolic significance through the embroidery of flowers, nature, and animals that are meaningful to Queen Camilla,” he said. “With the decision to hold a more relaxed coronation, expect to see a more modern gown for this historical moment. Queen Camilla promises to be the most watched female royal during the coronation."

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