King Charles Gave Kate Middleton a New Title

The honorary title comes three months after she became the Princess of Wales.

After Queen Elizabeth II passed away back in September, not only did the line of succession shift, many royals, including Kate Middleton, earned new titles, as well. Now, according to the Evening Standard, King Charles offered up a new title to Kate and she officially became an honorary Colonel of the Irish Guards. Kate's husband, Prince William, previously held the title.

In addition to being the Duchess of Cambridge and now the Colonel of the Irish Guards, Kate also holds the title of Princess of Wales, which was previously held by her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, and Duchess of Cornwall, a title that was previously held by Camila, the current Queen Consort. Officially, Kate is known as the Princess of Wales and the Duchess of Cambridge and Cornwall, Southern Living reports. 

Kate Middleton Christmas Coat

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Because Kate received the new title, William's shifted. He's now Colonel of the Welsh Guards, a title that Charles once held. Additionally, Camila is now the Colonel of the Grenadier Guards, a title that Prince Andrew had before he was stripped of his military affiliations and patronages. While updating the royal family's titles, Buckingham Palace also noted new dates for the Trooping of the Color, which celebrated Queen Elizabeth's birthday. Next year, it will be held on June 17.

Even though the date never coincided with the monarch's actual birthday, the country celebrated the event during the summer so that everyone could have warm weather during the spectacle, which will include 1,400 parading soldiers, 200 horses, and 400 musicians for Charles's first event as king. 

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