Kate Middleton Felt "Big Pressure" When Naming Her Three Children

No big deal, just the future monarchs of England.

As you'd imagine, there's a lot of pressure that comes along with naming the future kings and queens of England. And Kate Middleton, aka the Princess of Wales, recently got candid about the process during a visit to the maternity unit at Royal Surrey County Hospital on Wednesday.

"She was very relatable," deputy director of midwifery Amy Stubbs told People. "She talked a lot about how it felt for her when she became a mother."

According to the director, Princess Kate spoke to patients and new parents about coming up with monikers for her own three kids, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. "She just really talked about her own children including how they chose their names," explained Stubbs. "A lot of the new mums and dads are thinking about how to choose names for their babies, and they spoke with her about how Kate and William made their choice."

She added, "She said they were their favorite names and that obviously the world was waiting for them to name their children — and that felt like quite a big pressure!"

Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis

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The princess also visited the hospital, which is in Guilford, England, to further her knowledge on the subject matter in order to implement improvements for mothers and babies across the U.K.

"She was just delightful," Stubb concluded. "She spent a lot of time talking to a lot of the staff and meeting mums and dadas and new babies across the whole service. It was a really joyful for everyone to have that opportunity and hugely validating for us as a service for her to take the time out to visit us."

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