Kate Hudson Says the Early 2000s Media Used to "Body Shame" Her

"If I'm going to allow this negative energy to get into me, then they win."

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Kate Hudson is getting candid about the impacts that the early 2000s media had on her self-esteem. During an appearance on SiriusXM's Let's Talk Off Camera podcast with Kelly Ripa, the actress said the press used to be even more harsh about women's bodies and romantic relationships in the early aughts.

"They were so mean to women," she said to Ripa. "I mean, the body-shaming from being too skinny, to too fat, to then going up your skirt and from the cellulite."

And when it came to her love life, Hudson said she "couldn't speak to a man without being partnered with him. Like, literally, I couldn't sit and say hello to someone."

The star said that at a certain point, she had to learn to tune it all out. "There was so much of it at such a rate that I couldn't in any way comprehend, that I just realized I need to figure out how to not care about any of this," she said. "You just realize that you're letting them win the more you feel bad. If I'm going to allow this negative energy to get into me, then they win. I've given them all my power."

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Last month, Hudson opened up about her past failed relationships and "feeling like a failure" after splitting from her ex-husband Chris Robinson and ex-fiancé Matt Bellamy. "As hard as the decisions were in my life, and the depth in which I felt like I had failed relationships and family, with my partners throughout those years — whether it be Chris or Matt — I knew it was the right thing to not be in those relationships," she said during an episode of Table for Two with Bruce Bozzi. "It's a choice; you either stay in them, wondering what your life would have been like if you would have left them or [you] choose to leave."

Hudson is now engaged to Danny Fujikawa, though the couple is still deciding what their nuptials will look like. "I go back and forth between a small wedding and a large wedding," she explained. "My first wedding was so small, so there's a part of me that wants the big bash!"

"We do sometimes go back and forth with a traditional Japanese wedding ceremony, which would be really beautiful and quite emotional for Danny, seeing that his dad is gone," she added. "It'll totally be a destination wedding. It will be such an adventure that people will have to really want to come."

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