I Used This $10 Hair Growth Oil on My Brows and Lashes for 3 Months, and They’re Noticeably Fuller and Longer

You’ll see growth in just two weeks.

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Like most of my family, I have always had fine and thin hair. This included patchy brows, hard-to-see lashes, and hair that needed a little extra teasing when styling. While I’m comfortable with this and came to love my fine texture, I’ve tried many things to hide my thinness, including lash extensions, clip-ins, and topical methods like serums and oils to fill in some of those hairless gaps. And while some of my methods made the problem worse, one product in particular helped immensely: Kate Blanc Cosmetics’ Castor Oil. In fact, it worked so well, I had to stop using it.

It features pure, organic, cold-pressed castor oil that promotes hair growth and improves skin texture. Castor oil has a ton of benefits, including growth capabilities. In a previous interview, certified trichologist and colorist Bridgette Hill told InStyle that castor oil is a fatty acid, which “provides essential proteins and nutrients to hair follicles and prevents hair follicle inflammation." Indirectly, Hill continues, "Castor oil assists with cultivating the necessary environment (when properly used) to nurture and support healthy hair follicles and fibers."

Kate Blanc Cosmetics Castor Oil (2oz)


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When trying to give the illusion of fullness by using hair and lash extensions, it became apparent that these temporary remedies were causing more tension on my already thin strands, triggering hair loss. My lashes were far and few between and I had some unsightly bald patches near the crown of my head and on my hairline. I started applying two drops of Kate Blanc's castor oil nightly on my scalp, massaging it in, and one drop on the included spoolie, shimming it through my lashes. I also applied a bit on my brows to fill in some sparse areas. I repeated this routine for three months, despite seeing results in under two weeks. My bald spots were fully filled in with up to 3 inches of new growth, plus my lashes were visibly longer and brows were much thicker. 

This growth oil hasn't just been a saving grace for me — over 54,600 Amazon shoppers have raved about how they saw results in "two weeks." One shopper provided before and after photos showing how severely lash extensions had damaged their lashes, but "within just two weeks of consistent everyday use... [their lashes are] much stronger" and "have more volume." Another reviewer who described their hair as "dry and frizzy" said their hair was "soft and smooth" after "letting it sit for 30 minutes to an hour" before washing and drying it.” Similar to my experience, this shopper used the castor oil to "fill some bald spots in on their eyebrows," applying it every day for two weeks. It worked so well that they "had to pluck [some hairs away]," but noted that it was " totally worth it."

Start your journey to full brows and lashes with Kate Blanc Cosmetics’s Castor Oil, on sale for $10 on Amazon.

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