I Carry This Celebrity-Worn Perfume With Me Everywhere, and It's the Perfect Fresh Fragrance for Spring

Shoppers say it "smells like a garden."

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Kai Rollerball Fragrance

Kai/ InStyle

Florals for spring — though hardly groundbreaking, the concept is cliché for good reason: The lightweight, whimsical nature of fresh blooms make them perfect for warm-weather wear. As it pertains to fragrance, few florals are as universally beloved as Kai’s signature scent. The brand, which launched in 1999, has amassed an impressive fanbase, with Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, and Jennifer Aniston among its many celebrity devotees.

Notes of gardenia, among other delicate white florals, give Kai’s fragrance a fresh, clean finish that flatters any wearer. In addition to the traditional, spritzable eau de parfum, Kai’s fragrance also comes in an ultra-convenient rollerball format: the Kai Perfume Oil

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Kai’s Perfume Oil is an oil-based version of Kai’s original, celebrity-loved perfume mist. With notes of white florals, including gardenia, the oil has a fresh, clean, delicate finish that blends beautifully with skin, without overpowering its wearer. The fragrance oil, dispensed via a rollerball applicator, is housed in a pocket-sized tube — which, at one ounce, makes the oil extremely portable and TSA-friendly. The formula is notably free from parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

I keep the Kai rollerball oil in my purse, particularly on days when I know I’ll be running around. A quick glide of fragrance oil in the morning gives me enough fresh, floral sillage to last until midday. Given its size and ease of application (a rollerball is much less conspicuous than a mist) I can re-up quite literally anywhere I happen to be, whether that’s at my desk, in a cab, or after a long flight. 

A testament to its timelessness, Kai’s fragrance oil is a favorite among shoppers, many of whom have been using the scent for years. “I'm in my 20s and have worn it since I was in my teens,” says one; “I'm sure I will still be wearing it 10, 20, 30 years from now.” Another shopper calls Kai’s scent “heavenly,” adding, “it smells like a garden and it is such a refreshing, clean smell.” Another echoes this sentiment: “It's sweet, fresh, flowery and subtle,” they say, adding that the rollerball applicator is “super convenient to use.” The shopper, who says they switch fragrances with the seasons, says Kai’s is “perfect for spring and summer.” I couldn’t agree more.

For a delicate, fresh fragrance oil that’s incredibly convenient to carry and apply, shop the celebrity-favorite Kai Fragrance Oil before spring is officially upon us. 

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