I Finally Found Relief for My Dry, Itchy Scalp in the Winter Thanks to This Deep Hydration Line

Jonathan Van Ness' haircare brand gives my scalp the TLC it needs.

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I Rarely Have Bad Hair Days Thanks to Jonathan Van Ness and His Moisturizing Line That Saved My Winter Scalp

JVN Hair

My scalp isn’t just dry, it flakes so badly that I’ve stored away black shirts in my “forbidden” collection, especially during the winter. Meaning a snowfall doesn’t just come from the clouds outside, but also from my head.

I suffer from scalp psoriasis, which I discreetly hide under my fairly thick head of hair, but it reminds me of its presence with every itch and irritation. I’ve tried countless products to ease the discomfort, and am always on the hunt for new finds that target the scalp specifically. When I recently was given the chance to test out the JVN Deep Hydration Routine, created by Queer Eye grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness, I was curious about how the products could potentially ease my scalp-related woes. 

Deep Hydration Routine


Shop now: $92 (Originally $142); jvnhair.com

My hair and scalp have always been dry, but cold winter air combined with dry heat only makes it worse. Since a dry scalp versus dry strands are my focus, I started with the clarifying JVN pre-wash scalp oil to relieve my flaky scalp, which ended up being my preferred product from the line. The oil contains natural ingredients such as hemisqualane and turmeric extract to soothe and promote a healthy scalp. 

I’ve previously used hair oil to break up buildup on my scalp, so I was acquainted with the routine of placing the oil directly on the scalp and gently massaging it in, fully covering the problem areas. As the instructions suggest, I left this on for 15 minutes — possibly a few minutes longer — and washed out with shampoo in the shower. 

I noticed the day after first using it that there was slightly less build up of psoriasis scales, while the itchiness on my scalp subsided. The flaking is still there (and in my case, likely will always be), but because I’m itching less there are fewer flakes that end up on me. To keep the itchiness and flakes at bay, I use the oil twice a week before shampooing. The oil washes out completely in the shower, leaving no greasiness behind. 

Pre-Wash Scalp Oil


Shop now: $29; jvnhair.com

For the second step in the deep-hydration routine, I removed the scalp oil treatment by washing with JVN’s Hydrating Shampoo and Hydrating Conditioner. Moisturizing shampoos and conditioners often weigh down my hair, but this line has the opposite effect. In fact, it seems to give my hair more volume, even when I skip washing for a day or two. The products contain the same hemisqualane ingredient as the scalp oil, plus moisturizing aloe leaf juice in the shampoo and camellia seed oil in the conditioner. My scalp felt soothed and without any irritation after using it.

Hydrating Shampoo


Shop now: $21; jvnhair.com

Other products within the deep hydration routine include the Deep Moisture Mask, Conditioning Mist, and Nourishing Shine Drops. While these target hair strands more than they do the scalp, the mask and mist helped to alleviate my wavy hair’s knots and tangles, which I tend to have by my neck. I use the shine drops on my dry hair to give my strands a subtle sheen. It’s also effective for taming any frizz and flyaways.

Deep Moisture Mask


Shop now: $24; jvnhair.com

As a side bonus, the fragrance of every product is next-level. JVN’s entire deep hydration line leaves you feeling — and smelling — like you’ve just left a super-luxe salon. I generally wash my hair two to three times a week, but the clean and sophisticated scents make me want to wash more frequently.

Shoppers with similar scalp concerns are also raving about the deep hydration routine, with one sharing that the pre-wash oil keeps their scalp “hydrated and less itchy without residue left behind.” Another shopper agreed that it “helped tremendously with [their] dry scalp in the winter months,” while a separate person said that it “helps remove buildup” from their scalp which “has cut down on flakes.”

Get your scalp ready for the winter and shop individual products from JVN’s deep hydration routine, or save 35 percent by bundling the entire line.

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