These Nourishing Shine Drops That Don't Add Greasiness Turned Me Into a Hair Oil Convert

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JVN Nourishing Shine Drops

When it comes to hair oil, there’s a fine line between glossy intent and greasy regret. This has been my experience, at least, ever since I started to dabble in the world of oiling. For context, my hair is far from thick. It does, however, splay into a strange, bottom-heavy triangle when it grows (partly because I fail to maintain a proper trimming schedule; partly because my ends are exceptionally parched and broken). I’m no stranger to flyaways and frizz, either, both of which frustrate me anytime I’m going for a glassy hair look. 

Naturally, I’ve played with silicone-spiked hair oils, with the promises of speedy sleekness luring me in. But so far, there’s one product that actually gives me that glossy, slicked-back look, sans grease: the JVN Complete Oil Nourishing Drops.

After years of eschewing hair oil, JVN’s oil drops have rekindled my interest in the category. Unlike silicone-based hair oils and serums, which enrobe hair in a heavy film to create a semblance of smoothness, JVN’s drops are silicone-free, oil-free, and positively lightweight — which should come as no surprise, considering its creator, Jonathan Van Ness, has idyllic silky locks that most of us can only dream of. The drops are devoid of any ingredients that could leave a film post-shampoo — no need to double, triple, or quadruple shampoo, as I have on many occasions after using other hair-smoothing topicals.

Nourishing Shine Drops


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I’ve used the shine drops a few times now — always overzealously to indulge in its scent, which I’d liken to “expensive salon smell.” (The actual notes: sparkling grapefruit, tangerine, violet, and florals.) Most importantly, I’ve yet to land myself in a puddle of oiliness, and I’m not alone. As one shopper noted, “it helps my hair look and feel so soft and shiny without weighing it down or feeling greasy.” 

Despite its silicone-free nature, this serum effectively tames flyaways and softens my ends. These effects are immediate, and my hair looks and feels softer within moments. The serum also lends a luminosity factor that one of my colleagues likened to makeup-like highlighter for their hair. I concur, and so does another shopper, who says her hair “make[s] the whole place shimmer” when she walks into a room. If you’re intrigued, consider stocking up now: Until December 4, the JVN Complete Nourishing Shine Drops are 25 percent off. 

In addition to instant gratification, the serum imparts longer-lasting benefits, too. For one, it provides UV protection (this is particularly beneficial for color-treated hair, which can fade prematurely in excess sun exposure). Secondly, it softens hair over time, thanks to a blend of high-quality, plant-based ingredients:: Hemisqualane and squalane, for instance, hibiscus extract, and meadowfoam, which together soften, protect, and nourish hair.

If you’re wondering whether these drops will work with your particular hair type, rest assured: In true JVN fashion, this formula is created for everyone. Shopper sentiment validates this notion: “My natural curly hair is shiny and soft,” says one shopper, who calls the product a  “Game changer.” Another reviewer, who has thin, bleached hair, says “[I] love the lightness of the oil, how it smooths my bleached hair.” As for me and my once-frazzled ends? Let’s just say I can push my overdue trim a little longer.

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