Does that make him a ‘do-gooder?

By Kelly Bryant
Jun 02, 2016 @ 7:15 am
instagram / justinbieber

When Justin Bieber debuted dreadlocks in April, the look was met with a resounding backlash. Fans were not happy with the style that smacked of cultural appropriation. The singer swiftly changed up his look about a month later, cutting off the dreadlocks, but now he might actually do something with them that benefits others.

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In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Bieber’s hair stylist Florido says that while the pop star is sporting a buzzed look, the dreads are still in his possession. “Now we might try to slang them for a charity,” he told the magazine.

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No word yet on which charity Bieber will choose to gift the money, but we’re definitely going to keep an eye out for that auction.