Shoppers Say This New Collagen-Infused Shampoo and Conditioner Prevent Shedding and Adds Shine

It's specifically designed for aging hair.

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Joico Shampoo Conditioner Collagen

I’m committed to my anti-aging skincare routine. It wasn’t until I learned of the new Joico YouthLock collection, however, that I’d even considered an anti-aging hair care routine. After shower-testing it for a week, I’m totally hooked on the concept. 

I’m a massive fan of Joico — a salon-quality hair care brand that played an instrumental role in restoring my hair health after I bleached it to its breaking point a few years ago. The brand’s new anti-aging collection features four hair products: a blowout cream, shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask. Aptly named, YouthLock is designed for maturing hair — specifically, to enhance shine, bolster volume, and mitigate hair shedding and fallout. The collection contains a host of strand-strengthening, vibrance-promoting ingredients, with the key among them being collagen.

Joico YouthLock Shampoo Formulated With Collagen


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Collagen peptides in the form of topical hair care products strengthen the hair follicle. Primarily, it  hydrates the strands and locks in moisture that’s already present. In doing so, the ingredient can lead to softer, smoother hair — particularly if it’s lacking moisture in the first place (note: hair that stretches easily when wet often lacks moisture).

Though the Joico Youthlock collection is formulated with mature hair in mind, the products restore bounce and shine to lackluster strands of any age. For example, at 30, my hair (which is primarily extensions) is duller than it was a decade ago. It’s also frailer, as evidenced by an uptick in stray strands I’ve shed scattered around my apartment. While I can’t comment on whether Joico’s shampoo and conditioner have noticeably reduced hair fallout in the short time I’ve been using, I feel good about the formula nevertheless.  

Joico YouthLock Conditioner Formulated With Collagen


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Unlike harsher shampoos, many of which contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) — a lathering agent that, despite its benefits, may potentially sap strands of moisture — Joico’s YouthLock shampoo is free from sulfates, in addition to parabens and any ingredients that could prematurely strip hair color. In other words, it’s color-safe, in addition to being safe for extensions and keratin-treated hair.

Joico YouthLock Treatment Masque Formulated with Collagen


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As with all Joico haircare I’ve tried, the YouthLock lineup delivers a blissful sensorial experience, particularly as far as fragrance is concerned. The salon-like scent is easy to love, and marvelous to experience mid-shower and post-use (the scent softly lingers on strands for a day or so).

Joico YouthLock Blowout Crème Formulated with Collagen


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In fact, the formulas are gentle enough for daily use, according to the brand, making it a win for frequent hair-washers — particularly those whose strands veer dry. As for restoring body, bounce, and shine? Let’s just say my mane has looked particularly voluminous since using the collection. Shoppers swear YouthLock delivers, too. “I noted an astonishing but immediate lessening of shedding,” said one reviewer, who added that their typically dry, curly hair has a newfound healthy shine since using the shampoo and conditioner. 

If bouncy, shiny hair with less hair shedding over time appeals to you, shop the new collagen-infused, anti-aging haircare lineup from Joico’s YouthLock collection.

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