Amazon Shoppers Say the Results of This 50%-Off Gel Manicure Kit Are “Just Like the Salon”

It comes with 40 polish colors.

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Shoppers Say This Gel Nail Polish Kit Is a "Steal" and "Just Like the Salon" — and It's 50% Off at Amazon


Few things excite me as much as nail polish. Specifically, gel nail polish; with its shiny, plump, two-week glossy wear, it’s virtually the only lacquer I use. I’ve spent an ungodly amount on various colors, only to find myself unsatiated and craving more variety after a few uses. 

Variety is very much of the Jewhitney Gel Nail Polish Kit, which contains a whopping 40 gel polish colors. Even at full price, this kit is a superb value. On sale for 50 percent off, as it is at Amazon for a limited time, it’s impossible to pass up. 

JEWHITENY 43PCS Gel Nail Polish Kit with UV Light


Shop now: $40 (Originally $80);

The Jewhitney Gel Nail Polish Kit is a comprehensive gel manicure set that includes everything needed for a professional-grade gel manicure at home. Specifically, it includes a UV/LED curing lamp, an array of nail-shaping tools, and a whopping 40 gel polish colors that are sure to satiate any palette. A base coat, top coat, and even a matte top coat are also thrown in the set. 

Honestly, I’m stunned by the incredible value that this set offers. I’ve spent just as much money on curing lamps alone, and I’ve certainly shelled out $40 for far fewer polish colors. This set is such a good value, in fact, that I’m absolutely buying it — despite already owning a gel curing lamp. (My rationale: Two lamps means I can simultaneously cure manis and pedis.) Lamp aside, the most alluring element of this kit, IMO, is the vast array of polish colors it provides. From classic cherry reds, to moody olives, to a selection of neutrals to flatter any skin tone — and, lest we forget four glitter choices — I’m feeling like a kid in a candy store just looking at the polish possibilities.

The lamp, another essential component of a gel manicure, is surprisingly impressive given the price point. With 120W LEDS, it cures all UV/LED nail products. Plus, it’s easy to use: There’s an LED screen to indicate curing time and a super-handy motion sensor feature that switches the lamp on when you simply put your hand under it. As someone who has fussed with buttons when my polish is wet, the automatic nature of this lamp is a huge draw.

As one shopper, who is “highly impressed” with the set says it gives you “unbelievable bang for your buck,” particularly considering how a single professional gel manicure costs around as much. Another shopper says “the polish stays just like at the salon.” Notes another reviewer, whose last professional gel manicure cost as much as this set itself, the Jewhitney Gel Nail Polish Kit is “a steal…[that’s] already paid for itself.” 

Whether you’re a gel polish newbie or an experienced manicure DIYer, the Jewhitney kit serves up all the supplies you need for glossy, salon-quality nails at home — and at an absurdly good price point.

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