Jennifer Lopez Just Made a Case for Post-Labor Day Whites With a Chic Three-Piece Suit

Listening to fashion rules is so last year.

Rules are meant to be broken, especially when it comes to fashion. Don't mix patterns, sequins only around the holidays, and no whites after Labor Day are a few fashion boundaries that are begging to be pushed. Jennifer Lopez just demonstrated exactly why you shouldn't listen to silly style mandates with a chic, three-piece white suit that we would've missed out on had she left her whites for the summertime.

Jennifer Lopez White Suit Hispanic Heritage Month

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On Saturday, Lopez attended Grameen America's Raising Latina Voices in a pant suit that was comprised of wide-leg, pleated trousers and a silk blouse with a large lapel that was topped with a matching cropped blazer. She finished off the polished look with a skinny, gold-buckle Fendi belt and monster platforms heels in bright white to coordinate with the look.

Jennifer Lopez White Suit Hispanic Heritage Month

Lopez accessorized with gold drop earrings and a matching dog-tag pendant necklace. Her caramel hair was slicked back into an intricate bun with '90s-esque details.

In June, Lopez became the national ambassador for the nonprofit — which provides financial help and guidance to low-income women looking to start a business — a decision she explained during a Good Morning America appearance, saying, “When you get a little bit older, you understand the meaning behind things and you've seen enough and you've had your own struggle, and seen enough of injustices.”

“I just feel like this country needs more love and positivity, and people who want to do good things, and are not fighting against each other and who are just giving each other a hand up," she added. "That's important to me.”

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