I Tried Jennifer Lopez's $20 Beauty Hack for Brighter Eyes, and It Makes Me Look So Much Less Tired

Shoppers say it gives them "glowing" eyes.

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Lumify eye drops

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Henry David Thoreau once called eyes the “jewel[s] of the body.” It’s a concept I’ve considered (albeit perhaps not as the poet had intended) when I use Lumify eye drops: an enhancing, indispensable component of my beauty routine. Jennifer Lopez seems to feel similarly about the Lumify eye drops: As per a recent video for Vogue, in which the singer shared her beauty routine, Lopez revealed the little purple vial as the third step in her regimen. After lighting Le Labo’s Santal 26 candle (her “signature scent”), and cleansing, Lopez dropped the product into either eye. “I like to have bright eyes,” she shared; “I feel like it’s the first thing everybody sees.” 

Lumify Redness Reliever is a gaze-enhancing eye drop that reduces redness and brightens the whites of the eyes, in turn imparting a rested, bright-eyed look to sleepy peepers. Moreover, by brightening the whites, Lumify creates contrast with the iris and enhances the vibrancy of one’s eye color. 

 LUMIFY Redness Reliever Eye Drops


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Developed with eye doctors and sold by pharmaceutical company Bausch and Lomb, Lumify’s magic comes from its active ingredient, low-dose brimonidine (0.025%). According to NYC-based ophthalmologist Dr. Masako Chen, the ingredient, an alpha agonist, “helps constrict blood vessels” in the whites of the eyes. By temporarily shrinking these tiny red vessels, aka conjunctiva, Lumify eradicates redness in merely 60 seconds, rendering the eyes visibly brighter for up to eight hours.

I can personally attest to the efficacy of this formula. I use a single drop in each eye every morning, 10 minutes prior to inserting my contacts, which gives me sparklier eyes for the remainder of the day. Lumify is safe for daily use, Dr. Chen confirms, “up to four times” every 24 hours. (Side note: If your eyes are persistently red, however, she advises consulting an ophthalmologist to ensure there are no underlying issues.) 

Unlike other redness-relieving eye drops, which can deprive eyes of oxygen and pose a risk for rebound redness and dependency, Lumify allows for oxygen flow, per the brand, and significantly lessens this risk. Anecdotally, as someone who has been using Lumify almost daily for over a year, I have yet to experience any side effects. 

I’ve pitched Lumify to numerous friends, usually as a “magic, sparkly-eye elixir.” Those who’ve taken my recommendation report utter shock in its transformative powers. Along with my sister, one of the many converts, I have repurchased the drops countless times (I’ve even set up an Amazon subscription so I’m always in stock) and stash the little purple vials in every purse I own. Celebrity makeup artist Vincent Oquendo, who works with celebs like Hailey Bieber, uses the drops on A-list clients, particularly stars whose eyes are red “from traveling and red carpet appearances,” he said in an interview posted on the brand’s website. According to Oquendo, the drops are ideal for making clients “look more awake when they need a little help.”

Like J.Lo, Oquendo, and I, shoppers have also taken to Lumify eye drops. One reviewer, who calls them a “must-have product” says “your eyes will basically be glowing.” Another, who says the drops “really work” for reviving “old, tired eyes,” suggests trying them if your eyes look “kind of blah.”

Compelled by the celebrity-used, beauty-buff approved, secret for bright, rested-looking eyes? Shop Lumify to see what the hype is all about — with your very own eyes.

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