Jennifer Lawrence Takes On Her Raunchiest Most Chaotic Role Yet in 'No Hard Feelings'

We’ve got the trailer to prove it.

Jennifer Lawrence No Hard feelings


Has anyone ever doubted Jennifer Lawrence having the range? The Oscar-winning actress has served up everything from major dramedy in Silver Linings Playbook to superhero fare with her role as Mystique in the X-Men films, and of course, she started it all off by dominating the entire apocalyptic teen drama genre with The Hunger Games. Now, she's showing audiences that she's not afraid to push it into raunchy comedy with Sony's new movie, No Hard Feelings, which Variety notes centers around "a woman who answers two helicopter parents’ Craigslist ad to sleep with their sheltered 19-year-old son [Percy] before he goes to college." 

It may be head-scratching to see Lawrence in a movie like this, but the trailer shows that she's more than capable of shrugging off Oscar bait and really going for it, which includes physical comedy, putting on a skintight dress, and driving a sketchy van. The trailer literally opens with the phrase, "Mind if I touch your wiener?" and a shot of a dachshund. Other scenes include Lawrence getting attacked with pepper spray, her encouraging Percy to down a Long Island iced tea, and some very angry skinny dipping.

In addition to Lawrence, the film stars Andrew Barth Feldman as Percy (the 19-year-old), Matthew Broderick as his father, Laura Benanti as his mother, and Natalie Morales, Hasan Minhaj, Kyle Mooney, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, and Scott MacArthur. Lawrence also produced the film.

Jennifer Lawrence

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Greg Stupnitsky directs and his résumé reads like a list of everyone's favorite cringe comedies, including 2019's Good Boys with Jacob Tremblay. Stupinstsky also wrote 2011’s Bad Teacher and 2009’s Year One.

No Hard Feelings arrives in theaters on June 23.

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