Jennifer Garner’s Internet-Breaking Cover Features This Sexy Yet Practical Dress Trend

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Jennifer Garner Sheer Dress Allure Cover

Tom Schirmacher

There’s something so magical about a magazine cover reveal. I still remember the feeling I used to get when I was younger, browsing my grocery store aisles, eagerly looking at the front pages of the glossies perched against the shelves. Ahh, the nostalgia. And while now, many publications are going digital, the cover reveals are all the same. Magical! Jaw-dropping! “Oh my gosh, did you see [insert celebrity name’s] latest shoot”-worthy!

Magical! Jaw-dropping! “Wow!” times-infinity is the only proper way to react to Jennifer Garner’s latest Allure cover shoot. The actress, who looked nearly unrecognizable in red hair and dark eye makeup in one of the images, just about made me fall on the floor when I saw her front-page look that included a soft, pastel-pink bob and minimal makeup, wearing what’s perhaps the biggest (and most controversial) summer 2023 dress trend to date: a sheer dress

See-through mini, midis, and maxis have been trending for a while now. The likes of Salma Hayek, Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and even the Princess of Wales have taken daring, sheer pieces for a spin, but there’s something about Garner’s Miu Miu number that just feels so right. The form-fitting mesh midi, which features three-quarter sleeves plus a higher neckline, is equal parts sexy and sporty, thanks to the pink bralette and boyshorts that she wore underneath it.

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The concept of see-through dresses isn’t for everyone, and I know that. It’s scary to think that you’re intentionally wearing something sheer — and that everyone can see, well, everything. But look beyond those initial fears, and there’s actually something so freeing (not to mention practical) about the style. 

The benefits of sheer dresses are twofold (probably more, but I’m going to focus on two): They’re lightweight, a total must for summer, especially if you tend to veer on the hot side like me, who breaks a sweat the minute the temperatures hit 60 degrees, and they’re super breathable, thanks to the sheer material that allows for ample airflow. Sweat spots no more!

The nice thing about these see-through dresses is that you’re in full control of how daring they are, and that’s because you can choose the degree of what you want to put on display. If you’re willing to show more skin, make like Garner and opt for a bralette and boy shorts (or a bikini when you’re at the beach), but if you’re not ready to dive headfirst into this “naked” trend, layer a sheer top over a bralette and jeans for a more subtle approach.

Summer 2023 is the season of showing skin (in sheer dresses). Shop some of the coolest see-through minis and midis below.

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