Jennifer Garner Just Wore Gold Hoop Earrings That Shoppers Swear by for Sensitive Ears

The 18-karat gold plated hoops are sure to sell out.

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Jennifer Garner’s Pair of $68 Gold Hoops From a Celebrity-Worn Brand Are Sure to Sell Out

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I’m rarely convinced to think along the lines of, “celebrities, they’re just like us.” Until I have my own personal team of personal chefs, trainers, and assistants, I’ll be taking “just like you” with a grain of salt. But every once in a while something slips through that makes me think, okay, perhaps we’re not that different. And often, leading that movement, is Jennifer Garner.

Like me, the actress can be — how do I put this politely — frugal. She iconically swears by drugstore skincare, once wore a $12 foundation to the Academy Awards, and just this week, walked the red carpet wearing a pair of $68 earrings. Her new short hair acted as the perfect frame for the stunning pair of 18-karat gold plated hoops that I was shocked to learn I can actually afford. And to add to the surprise, I learned that she’s not the only celebrity to keep their jewelry box stashed with the affordable brand. 

Kendall 2" Hoops

Melinda Maria

Shop now: $68;

Everyone from Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lopez to former-First Lady Michelle Obama have worn pieces from Melinda Maria, per the brand, which offers a luxury look for less. And when Jennifer Garner graced the red carpet in earrings from the brand, she opted for its Kendall 2-inch hoops in gold. While chunky earrings might currently be trending, these classic, thin hoops will always be in, with the designer drawing inspiration from pieces from the ‘90s. 

These feature a butterfly back and are finished in 18-karat gold plating, with shoppers swearing by the hoops for sensitive ears. One bought these for both themselves and their sister, noting that because of metal sensitivity, they’re “very particular about [their] earrings,” and immediately fell in love with the “high quality” that caused no reaction, writing that it’s now, “the only earrings we will wear!” Another wrote that these “do not irritate [their] ears like all other hoops do,” with one other calling the quality “impeccable.”

And while comfort is important for those of us (me) whose ears can be sensitive, style is also a huge factor — and shoppers are obsessed with the Kendall hoop’s look, calling them “perfect all around.” “These earrings are such a classic hoop,” wrote one, who explained that they can be worn with “casual to upscale” pieces, declaring them “a must for any wardrobe.” And per another, “I wear these all the time. [They’re] great for a girls night out or to wear to work. [The] quality is great and they look stunning.” 

This affordable jewelry brand might be celebrities’ best kept — well, formerly-best kept — secret. Grab Jennifer Garner’s timeless gold hoops for $68 or explore more of Melinda Maria’s earrings below.

"I Got a Raise" Stud Set

Melinda Maria

Shop now: $52;

Hailey 1" Hoops

Melinda Maria

Shop now: $52;

"Oh SHE Fancy" .75" Hoops

Melinda Maria

Shop now: $62;

Bella 1" Hoops

Melinda Maria

Shop now: $58;

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