Jennifer Coolidge Says This Viral $10 Primer Makes Her Look Like a “Baby Dolphin”

The actress partnered with e.l.f. for its first-ever Super Bowl commercial.

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Jennifer Coolidge Partnered With E.l.f. To Bring Its Viral Primer to the Super Bowl

Courtesy of E.l.f

We interrupt your Super Bowl broadcast to bring you breaking news: Our White Lotus favorites have partnered with one of our go-to drugstore makeup brands. It’s the cross-over we didn’t quite anticipate for 2023 — but then again, it’s brought to us by Mike White, the man whose duality won him both Survivor and Golden Globes.

He partnered with Jennifer Coolidge who, let’s admit it, has always been that girl — with notable roles in Legally Blonde and Another Cinderella Story to the now instantly-iconic Tanya — to lend her canvas (and comedic chops) to e.l.f., the brand behind one of this year’s most viral primers. In a Super Bowl commercial that will go down in history as both e.l.f.’s first television debut and the first to feature Coolidge doing a dolphin impersonation, the actress applies the brand’s Power Grip Primer and learns just how sticky and smoothing the product — which has over 68-million TikTok views — is.

“Oh my goodness,” Coolidge exclaims after putting the primer on. “I look like a baby dolphin!”

 e.l.f. Power Grip Primer, Gel-Based & Hydrating Face Primer For Smoothing Skin


Shop now: $10;

While the commercial might slightly exaggerate the product's tackiness, it’s that feature that’s made it an Amazon shopper-favorite, with over 3,400 perfect ratings. “This one gives your skin a sticky feeling and really [holds] the makeup in place… I had zero creasing and zero lines in my makeup after wearing it for 10 hours,” wrote one customer, with another explaining that the stick helps “makeup adhere flawlessly.” A third shopper went into detail, saying that the $10 primer isn’t sticky “in a gross way” but instead “hydrating and tacky” while feeling “cool and calming.” 

And while the primer’s ability to extend the life of a makeup look is what’s made it an instant favorite, it’s also formulated with hydrating ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, to nourish skin while giving it an all-over glow. “It gets my face tacky enough to where my foundation stays on all day, but leaves enough moisture for my skin to stay hydrated all day,” wrote one shopper, while another said it made their skin “look so dewy and hydrated.”

TBH, it doesn’t really matter who actually wins the Super Bowl, because to me, Jennifer Coolidge and e.l.f. have already won. Grab the brand’s ultra-sticky, baby dolphin-skin inducing (I guess that’s a thing now?) primer today for $10 at Amazon.

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