Jennifer Coolidge’s Recipe for Smooth and Hydrated Skin Involves These 2 Top-Rated Body Care Products

The actress gives her friends beauty goody bags.

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Jennifer Coolidge Uses These Two Body Products for All Over Smooth and Healthy Skin

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I couldn’t be more excited for Jennifer Coolidge’s time in the spotlight. Legally Blonde, Best in Show, A Cinderella Story — the actress’ decades-long career has been a rotating door of iconic characters. She’s the type of celebrity whose group chat I am just dying to be in. I’ve wondered what being Coolidge’s friend would be like — and according to recent insight, it involves gift bags full of beauty products, so it seems as good as I’d imagine.

In a recent interview with Glamour, the actress said that she likes to frequent clean and natural beauty stores. “I go in and I just buy it all and then I go home. I really kind of clean out the place. I was going to put together bags for my girlfriends,” she said. Chances are, I probably won’t receive one of these packages, but she did share some of the goodies she gifts, which includes two body care products — Herbivore’s Coco Rose Coconut Oil Body Polish and Pursoma’s Detox Beauty Dry Brush

Although I’m hesitant about product recommendations from people I don’t know personally, I’m inclined to take Coolidge’s recommendations seriously. First, she went to makeup school (who knew?); second, she says her skin is quick to react; and third, she’s a clean-beauty aficionado. 

Herbivore Coco Rose Coconut Oil Body Polish


Shop now: $38; and

Herbivore is a dreamy brand most recently praised on TikTok for its effective Moon Dew Eye Cream, but the Coco Rose Body Polish deserves a lot of love, too. Coconut oil keeps the skin incredibly hydrated while pinky clay and sugar gently exfoliate. According to reviewers “it exfoliates without irritating the skin, smells good, and leaves skin smooth and hydrated.” Other shoppers also echo Coolidge and say that Coco Rose Body Polish “[is] a wonderful gift for friends.” 

 Pursoma Detox Beauty Body Brush


Shop now: $25;

Pursoma’s Detox Beauty Dry Brush is a complementary companion to the Herbivore Body Polish. Dry brushing is a technique apparently used by Coolidge and other celebs like Miranda Kerr and Cindy Crawford, likely due to its circulation-promoting, lymphatic draining, cellulite-reducing properties. This one in particular is vegan and relatively inexpensive. (Kerr’s go-to is $35.)Shoppers say that this makes a great gift and that the results are “very noticeable with regular use.” 

While we can’t all be BFFs with Coolidge, we can take a page from her book and add the $38 Herbivore’s Coco Rose Coconut Oil Body Polish and the $25 Pursoma’s Detox Beauty Dry Brush to our beauty collections.

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