Jennifer Aniston’s Nightly Routine Includes My Best-Kept Secret for Flawless Hair and Skin Straight Out of Bed

Now that's what I call beauty sleep.

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Jennifer Aniston Pillowcase Hack

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Not getting enough sleep can have some serious effects on your health, especially long term. So finding a proper nighttime routine is key because, well, prep is the kickstart to a good snooze. For me, my evening rituals and bedside staples are ultra-important — like my night cream, pillow spray, and the only pillowcase I will sleep on for the rest of my life: a silk cover-up that’s my best-kept secret for waking up with flawless skin and non-frizzy hair straight out of bed. 

I was recently reminded about this bed essential by Jennifer Aniston. The actress shared her bedtime rituals with Real Simple — and opened up about struggling to get the necessary amount of sleep — sharing the sleep staples that help her achieve better zzz’s. The items she called out included a weighted blanket that she called a “game changer” and a silk pillowcase that she uses in lieu of anything else. No wonder Aniston’s hair and skin always looks so great — the luxe material has serious beauty benefits

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I switched out my cotton pillowcase for silk ones a few years ago, and ever since, I can’t even fathom sleeping on anything else. Prior to making the switch, my oily, breakage-prone hair would always look a mess while I woke up; my tresses would be in knots and tangles because I move around a lot when I sleep. I’m also a stomach sleeper, which means I’d wake up with unexpected indents on my face, making my skin more prone to wrinkles and fine lines. With my silk pillowcase, I don’t have to worry about styling my messy hair or wreaking havoc on my skin — and I wake up looking as good as I did when I fell asleep (if not better, because, beauty sleep!)

Erinn Courtney, StyleSeat hairstylist and natural haircare professional, once shared with InStyle that with a silk pillowcase, "Your hair won't snag and break because the material allows your hair to glide along softly while moving on the pillow.” 

Another benefit of silk over cotton is that the former doesn’t absorb moisture, while the latter can suck all the hydration from hair and skin. "We are used to sleeping on cotton pillowcases, but cotton is known for its great absorbing power. Since we sleep on it on average eight hours a day, in those eight hours, it has all the time to absorb all the moisture and oils out of both your hair and your skin," Angela Onuoha, certified trichologist and Rhyme & Reason ambassador recently shared with InStyle. "Silk doesn't do that, so all the moisture and oils maintain on your skin and hair."

Since sleeping on a silk pillowcase, not only have my zzz's gotten better thanks to the soft, supple feeling against my skin, but I can wake up and spend less time getting ready because I already look flawless. I really did wake up like this. 

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