This Skin-Tightening Device Jennifer Aniston Uses Made My Face Look Healthier and More Defined in 2 Weeks

The NuFace Trinity earned a permanent spot in my beauty routine.

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The Skin-Tightening Device Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson Use Is on Rare Sale This Weekend Only

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As a shopping and beauty editor, part of my job is to be up-to-date on the items and devices that celebrities are using and loving — especially the ones tied to famous faces that appear to have tapped into the fountain of youth. One product that repeatedly makes headlines attached to some of our faves — including Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, and Bella Hadid — is the NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device

This powerful little device that prompted a reviewer to say they “no longer need Botox” uses very low levels of electrical currents to stimulate muscles, causing them to temporarily contract and lift. Over time, the currents running through your muscles train them to tone up while stimulating collagen for a youthful appearance, per the brand. To be honest, I wasn’t really sold on the effectiveness of a non-invasive, handheld device, but the slew of celeb support and the fact that it has hundreds of five-star ratings left me intrigued enough to test it out myself. 

Two weeks later, I’m a complete convert. 

NuFACE Trinity Starter Kit


Shop now: $339;

Since I have a dedicated morning and night skincare routine, using the NuFace Trinity each night for just five minutes was no big deal. And since the brand actually advises against excessive use, adding these few minutes felt like an easy task that I could seamlessly work into my steps and remember to do every night. Plus, the gentle vibration and low hum had an unexpected, calming effect that helped me get ready for bed. All I had to do was wash my face, use a little bit of the NuFace primer that my device came with, turn it on, and press and hold it to my skin with a slightly uplifted motion until it beeped one to two times. And if the ease and simplicity of it all wasn’t enough, seeing a clear definition in my jawline and cheekbones and fewer fine lines across my face certainly was. 

Shoppers had similar experiences, and one even said that they saw an “instant” change in the appearance of their lines. Another added that they started developing wrinkles this year and felt like they didn’t recognize their own face until they tried NuFace. “I look like myself again!,” they wrote. And a third buyer called the Trinity the “best anti-aging device” they own and shared that they “recommend it to anyone looking to improve skin tone and wrinkles.”

Tackle your own fine lines and wrinkles with the trusted, tried and true NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device


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