Meeting Tom Brady Made Jane Fonda Weak in the Knees, Literally

"He's a GOAT."

Jane Fonda Tom Brady

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She has two Oscars. She's even been arrested. But all it took to make Jane Fonda a little shaky was meeting IRL GOAT, Tom Brady. In the latest episode of Call Her Daddy, the award-winning actress and noted activist told host Alex Cooper that when she got a chance to meet the Super Bowl legend, she went weak in the knees, literally. Of course, the face-to-face encounter was because she stars in the film 80 for Brady, which has her alongside other screen legends playing a group of women who are set to meet the NFL all-star.

"My knees started to give away," she told Cooper. "I'm not kidding. He came into my trailer, and my knees started to buckle — I was standing next to the sink so I started to hold on."

"He's a GOAT, he's the Greatest Of All Time — when somebody is that good at what they do, he's like magic, you have to bow down," Fonda added. "But then on top of that, he's so gorgeous."

But it wasn't just about butterflies and basking in Brady glory. Fonda also spoke about climate change and her efforts to bring awareness to all the awful things that are happening (you know, everything people try to forget about when they watch something like 80 for Brady).

"It seems to me that young people should care about … is there going to be a future that is gonna be livable?" she said. "From one climate extreme that is life-threatening, even to people who are wealthy and privileged, it’s your future that’s at stake. There is a climate crisis and the window to do something about it is closing, we don't have a lot of time, but, there is ample reason to remain hopeful."

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