Jamie Lee Curtis Says She'd Love to Make a 'Freaky Friday' Sequel With Lindsay Lohan

She assured everyone that they're still friends.

Ever since 2003, when Freaky Friday made its debut, fans have been clamoring for more from stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan. And now that things seem to be on the up and up for Lohan (it seems her days of dancing in Mykonos are in the rear view), Curtis spoke about how she'd love to revisit the film — and how she and Lohan are still in contact.

During an event in Mexico City to promote her new film Halloween Ends, Curtis said that she'd "absolutely" be in for another chapter of the story, which saw her swapping bodies with her teenage daughter, who was played by a then twenty-something Lohan.

"Lindsay Lohan and I are friends. Lindsay Lohan and I text. She texted me the other day, she's in Ireland making [her new Netflix movie Irish Wish]," Curtis said in a video shared by a fan in attendance. She later added: "Anyway, Freaky Friday remake? Absolutely."

Jamie Lee Curtis

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Entertainment Weekly reports that even though Curtis and Lohan have stayed in contact, Curtis made sure she wasn't getting catfished. As long as the text messages in question were coming from someone well-versed in the Freaky Friday universe, they passed the test. So, Curtis was certain she was speaking to the real Lohan and not a poser.

"The test for her was, 'What was the song that you and I were trying to learn the rap [that's] in the middle of the song while we were sitting in the car doing the scene while we were eating French fries?'" Curtis explained. "The answer is the Justin Timberlake song 'Like I Love You' [...] she and I were playing the tape, then we'd go back and rewind, the two of us were writing the lyrics to that whole rap in the car in Freaky Friday."

Earlier in the week, Curtis told EW that she had a great time filming with Lohan and she felt like a teenager again during the production. With memories like that, it's no surprise Curtis would want to go back and feel the good vibes again.

"Freaky Friday was a fabulous movie, also very freeing creatively," she said. "You know, being a teenager again, it was super fun. I had a good time with Lindsay. She was terrific."

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