Jamie Lee Curtis Completely Forgot That She Kissed Michelle Yeoh

"I don't really remember what happened."

Jamie Lee Curtis Independent Spirit

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While it may seem like it was a million years ago thanks to how quickly awards season is hurdling towards the finish line with this weekend's Academy Awards, Michelle Yeoh and Jamie Lee Curtis's SAG Awards kiss will be a core memory for fans of Everything Everywhere All at Once — but Curtis says she forgot it even happened.

During her time on the Independent Spirit Awards red carpet, Curtis said that even though the moment went viral online, she's been so busy that she let it completely slip from her memory. And, she notes, part of it was that she was so shocked that she even won the SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture that night. 

"I didn't know I actually kissed Michelle until they showed me," Curtis told Entertainment Tonight. "I'm telling you, the word shocked — you people, you must think we all think we're gonna win things. I'm not of that ilk. I don't wake up and going like, 'Mhm...gonna win.' I don't think about it. I try not to think about it for one second because it's not about that for me. It's about the actual work I get to do, and the rest of this is sort of the make-believe part."

When asked about the kiss, she explained that it was a combination of surprise and the surreal reality of being at an awards show with her co-stars and friends.

"Weirdly enough, since the make-believe part is the work, this part is make-believe to me," she continued. "So, I'm in shock when that happened, and I don't really remember what happened."

Jamie Lee Curtis Independent Spirit

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Curtis also explained what she said to Yeoh after the kiss, since the internet has been wondering since it happened. "I love her. We love each other," she said, finally settling the speculation.

Curtis went on to share that the speech she gave on stage is what she'll forever call her "shock speech." Trust her, she knows it's basically incomprehensible. 

"I watched it — somebody showed it to me — none of it makes sense. I'm like talking about my parents. My grandparents were from Hungary and Denmark, my father was born in New York City. It's like, my shock speech," Curtis said.

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