Jamie Lee Curtis Revealed She Spent COVID Lockdown With Her Godson Jake Gyllenhaal

The quarantine pairing we didn't know we needed.

Living together can make or break a friendship. Against all odds, Jake Gyllenhaal and his godmother Jamie Lee Curtis, rekindled their relationship during the COVID-19 lockdown. From living next door to each other during quarantine to spending nearly a year living together in self-isolation, the pandemic made the two closer than ever.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Jamie Lee Curtis

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On Monday, at the Los Angeles premiere of Gyllenhaal's new war action film, The Covenant (hits theaters April 21), the pair opened up to People about what it was like living in such close quarters during COVID and taking to the kitchen to keep busy. Much like the rest of the world, the godmother and godson duo even perfected their bread baking skills. (Celebs — they're just like us!)

"He made a lot of sourdough bread, a lot," the Oscar winner told the publication about Gyllenhaal’s bread-baking mastery, adding that it was "very good.”

As for what else they did to fill their free time, like many others, they had to keep themselves entertained with unconventional methods. "So singing, acting, sourdough," added Curtis. "And he did that test where you do a handstand against the wall and take your shirt off and put it back on."

Jake Gyllenhaal and Jamie Lee Curtis

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Aside from keeping the boredom at bay, the period of self-isolation was a moment in their relationship where they were able to deepen their connection.

"We've just gotten to know each other," she revealed. "He also lived with me during COVID for almost a year. He and Jeanne [his girlfriend] lived in the house next door that I have. And so there was also that. For a minute.”

Despite the lockdown being over, Gyllenhaal shared that he continued to indulge in his newfound love of baking. "I am still eating sourdough," he expressed. "Yes. I haven't stopped. Even though we're out of the pandemic, I am still making sourdough."

The Everything, Everywhere All at Once star shared the piece of advice she gave her godson before his rise to stardom, "I sort of looked at him and said, 'I've done this for a long time. You're just starting. There may be things your parents don't have the experience, strength and hope that I do. Please use that if you need to.'"

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