Amazon Shoppers Love This Shampoo and Conditioner Set That Makes Their Hair “Silky Smooth” and “Helps It Grow”

Give your hair the hydration boost it deserves.

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Amazon Shoppers Love This Shampoo and Conditioner Set That Makes Their Hair “Silky Smooth” and “Helps It Grow”

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If you’ve been dealing with dry skin this winter, your hair is probably lacking moisture, too. And since giving your locks some TLC isn’t as intuitive as slathering moisturizer on your skin, we’re here to help with an easy solution. Nearly 1,500 Amazon shoppers swear by It’s a 10 Miracle Shampoo and Conditioner to nourish their damaged hair, and you can get the set for $41. 

Both products are made from sulfate-free formulas that are packed with hydrating ingredients. The shampoo contains aloe vera to soothe and moisturize your strands, sunflower seed extract to soften your hair, ginger to calm inflammation on the scalp, and moringa extract to strengthen your locks and prevent them from damage. In the conditioner, you’ll find keratin amino acids to tame frizz and silk amino acids to leave your hair looking and feeling healthy and shiny.

It's a 10 Miracle Daily 10 oz. Shampoo + 10 oz. Conditioner (Combo Deal)


Shop now: $41;

For the best results, the brand recommends lathering a small, palm-sized amount of the shampoo into wet hair, concentrating first on the scalp and roots, and then bringing the product down through your strands. After washing the shampoo out, use a similar amount of conditioner throughout your hair, let it sit for two to five minutes, and rinse your hair thoroughly to remove all of the product.  

If you’re wondering what kind of results you can expect from this hair care duo, look no further than the Amazon reviews section. One shopper said the products make their locks “feel silky smooth without making [their] hair look heavy.” Another reviewer credited the conditioner with making their hair “feel fantastic and strong,” adding that they “don’t have breakage like [they] normally do.” Plus, a third buyer confirmed the set of products leaves their hair “super soft” and “helps it grow.” 

Whether your hair is feeling extra dry these days, or you’re looking for some extra shine, it can’t hurt to try out the It’s a 10 Miracle Shampoo and Conditioner. You may just head into spring with your best hair ever.

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