Experts Call the "Italian Bob" the Chicest One Out There

What Is the Italian Bob?

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Per the laws of manifestation, you have to live out that dream as if it’s already yours for it to come to fruition. So, if you want to manifest an Italian getaway (à la White Lotus without the chaos), start by looking the part with this year’s hottest haircut: the Italian bob. 

2023 is about the short and micro beauty trends, with experts predicting that nails and hair going to get shorter. Bobs have always been a staple haircut throughout the years, so it’s no surprise that this new cut will soon be all over everyone’s social feeds. 

So, what makes the Italian bob any different from the rest? That’s where the experts come in to break it all down. See what they had to say (and some hair mood board inspo) below. 

What is an Italian bob?

Cut just right below the chin and above the shoulders, the Italian bob is what celebrity Christopher Naselli calls “the chicest bob haircut out there.” He goes on to explain that the Italian bob hugs the neck by carrying weight at the bottom with lots of volume. 

Celebrity hairstylist Clayton Hawkins adds that the Italian bob can be thought of as a chin-skimming blunt bob cut that slightly curls closer towards the chin. He says to think of it like a subtle V-shape cut. 

Naselli says that the Italian bob is one of the most versatile bob cuts out there as it suits most face shapes and hair textures. But because the chunky ends are key to this look, he says the Italian bob especially flatters those with thick hair and natural waves. “This doesn’t mean [those] with finer texture can’t pull off this look,” he says. “It just requires a little more attention and a bit more styling product.”

How to style an Italian bob:

Naselli goes on to explain that you just need some mousse (his pick is the Biotera Styling Mousse) or a volume spray paired with a diffuser if you have finer textured hair to get that body at the ends. Use a round brush at the ends for a rounded ‘60s glam look. For a unique spin on, he says the Italian bob looks great when flipped on one side. But for the most part, you should keep styling minimal as he says it just stands well on its own. “The key is to not over style [it],” he says. 

Hawkins adds that using a spray like SexyHair WeatherProof Humidity Resistant Spray will help keep that volume intact all day without weighing it down. 

How to ask for an Italian bob at the salon:

If you’re wanting to get this cut, Hawkins says to tell your stylist that you want a blunt V-shaped bob that will fall somewhere between your shoulders and chin. “Minimal layers, please,” he adds. 

Naselli says that you should also bring reference pictures of your favorite celebs wearing this style. If you don’t know where to look, we’ve got you. Below, see how the A-listers are styling their own Italian bob. 

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Monica Bellucci

italian bob

Marilla Sicilia via Getty Images

You cannot talk about Italian beauty without the legendary Belluci. Here, she wears her Italian bob parted at the center with the ends curled inward for a nice bounce and volume.

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Laura Harrier

italian bob laura harrier

Instagram @lauraharrier

Harrier styled her Italian with soft and subtle waves. To make it more of a dynamic look, she flipped her hair to one side for a side part.

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Aubrey Plaza

aubrey plaza italian bob

Instagram @claytonhawkins

Classic and exuding old Hollywood glam vibes, Plaza wore her Italian bob with sleek and with bends at the ends. Hawkins also feathered out her curtain bangs to add some dimension. 

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Elizabeth Olsen

italian bob elizabeth olsen

Instagram @claytonhawkins

While an Italian bob doesn’t need much styling-wise, this look by Hawkins for Olsen is a slight way to elevate the look. Opt for eye-grazing curtain bangs and beachy waves for a relaxed, effortless vibe.

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Rachel Zegler

rachel zegler italian bob

Instagram @claytonhawkins

Styled with a deep side part by Hawkins, Zegler’s Italian bob was flipped to one side to nicely frame her face. If you’re looking for a more modern spin to this trendy cut, this is the way to do it.

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Kaia Gerber

kaia gerber italian bob

Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

Gerber walked the Stella McCartney walked the women’s Spring / Summer 2020 collection with a voluminous Italian bob. To get that major body, there’s some grit and texture throughout.

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